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The Legend of Holleystone Grange

Author(s): Sabb

Robert Wilde is driving along any road that appeals to him on a relaxing but lonely trip from London to join his lover, Dale, at the beautiful old English country house, Holleystone Grange, home of the wealthy old family, the Holleystones. Dale and friend have been invited to join a weekend house party at the Grange by an old school friend of Dale’s. Unfortunately, Dale has had to go to France on business, leaving Robert using the time he has taken off, so they could spend a week together, to make a slow, winding journey there by road, alone.

Robert innocently takes yet another turn in the road, but one that leads him into a dark, ancient forest at the center of which is a village of legend, frozen in time, where for one night his lordship oversees Robert’s wild debauchery at the hands of his willing villagers.

When Robert arrives at Holleystone Grange, he is soon to discover another legend, the legend of the ring of the Holleystones, an ancient ring that over the centuries has often chosen the Holleystone bride. Under the mysterious Henry’s influence, Robert is soon caught up in yet another legend, shocking Portland Holleystone and everyone else in the weekend’s house party.

But in the modern world how real are legends? And what secrets do they unexpectedly hold?

Warnings:. Contains graphic gay male sex that is enjoyed by all participants, wild orgies, frequent anal sex, lots of gay romance, true gay love, gay ghosts, and complicated gay relationships.


“Chance, Josh,” I replied, with a smile, more than pleased to talk to such a good-looking young man. “Pure chance. I have no idea how I got here, really. I am just taking any interesting-looking road or turning and seeing where it leads me, though I do have to arrive at Holleystone Grange by the end of the week. And this quaint village pub is where the twists and turns of today’s drive have led me.”

He gave a small chuckle. “Ah, chance is an amazing thing, sir, isn’t it?” His eyes twinkled, and there was some other look there that made my knees feel weak, though I was getting hard elsewhere. I was not looking for sex, but I hadn’t had any for a couple of weeks. I’d be back with Dale in a couple of days, though, getting plenty, and I was naturally monogamous.

“Yes. Yes, chance is an amazing thing, but I must make a note of how to get here, as this is the sort of place I’d like to come back to. What is the nearest town?” I asked him.

“I’ll have to think on that, sir. There are several nearby.”

I might have thought it was an odd answer if I had not been so taken by him and eager to talk after several days traveling on my own, but I was glad of company, and I didn’t give it much thought.

“If you really want to come back, I am sure you will find the way, sir,” he added.

I had vaguely been aware of the door to the bar opening and glanced up to see someone entering, an older man, very smartly dressed, and with a serious look on his face. I’d have given him no more than that brief glance if he had not fixed his eyes on me and turned towards our table. My companion looked up at him. “Good evening, sir,” he said and the new arrival made a small movement with his hand.

“I’d best leave you, sir,” Josh said, standing up and winking at me. I was going to protest he should stay, when the older man said, “May I?” and took Josh’s seat.

He seemed to be examining me in a very personal way that made me feel naked. It was a possessive look. A dominating look and a lustful look all at once. If I had been firming up to Josh, I was unexpectedly getting even more aroused by the new arrival. “Robert,” he said with a big smile, “I think we need to get to know each other better.”

I had no idea what to respond. And no words came to me until he had moved his chair closer to mine and, placing an arm about my shoulders, moved his face to mine for a kiss. “No,” I blurted out, as I pulled back in surprise and worry and looked about, but the small crowd in the bar didn’t seem to care. They were not oblivious to us, though, as I saw Josh smiling at me, or at us, and then stepping over. He bent over me and whispered, “Just relax for his lordship.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781921879470
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 03/15/2014
Publisher: BarbarianSpy

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