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Bad Girl

Author(s): Morgan Hawke

Penelope is a nice girl. Sadly, it wasn't getting her anywhere with her tall, dark, and handsome boss. Annoyed with the way her boss ignores her in favor of high-powered executive vamps, she steps into the leather shop 'Dark Desires' to get something naughty and meets the two men who fully intend to ruin that good-girl image forever.


He flipped the pants over his muscular and brilliantly tattooed forearm, then frowned at her. “You got something to wear on top?”
Penelope frowned at him. “On top of what?”
He smiled and shook his head. “That frilly blouse isn’t gonna go with these. You got something else to wear with them?”
“No…” Penelope winced. She didn’t have a single thing at home either. Not one thing in her wardrobe went with black black leather. She looked over at her jacket lying next to the register, and thought about the platinum card, and her boss. “Why don’t you find something for me, and I’ll buy that too?”
His mouth fell open. “You serious?”
She turned and smiled. “Absolutely.” She tilted her head. “I’ll probably need shoes too.” She licked her lips. “In fact, I think we might as well make it an entire outfit, head to toe.”
His brows rose, and then he strode toward her, a slow hot smile lifting his full sinful mouth. “Darlin’, you got yourself a deal. Tell you what, how about I dress you myself?”
Penelope froze right where she stood. The image of his hands helping her into all that black leather, and sliding across her body, made warm, moist things happen in her panties.
He choked and raised his hands. “No, no, I meant I’ll put you in a dressing room and hand you the stuff over the door!”
Her breath left in a rush of disappointment, leaving a pout behind in its wake. “Damn…”
He leaned close and his smile widened. “You’re a lot naughtier than you look.”
Penelope smiled right back. “I like to think so.”
He chuckled, and strode past her with a wave. “This way.” He led her toward the back of the store.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-147-0
Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 01/11/2011
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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