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Biker Chic

Author(s): Devyn Quinn

It's not about's about coming to life.

A weekend trip to Carlsbad Caverns turns into Melanie's Brook's own sexual odyssey when sexy biker Jake Marrs ignites a passion she believed long dead, thanks to her abusive husband. Can Jake master her wanton desire the same way he's conquered the desert highways?


Body trembling, drenched with sweat, Melanie tensed at first, then let herself relax as she leaned into him. He smelled of heat, asphalt, and tangy sweat, the scents clinging to his clothes and skin and mingling with the musk of his unmistakable maleness. Receiving a new shocking charge of erotic awareness, she tightened her grip around his broad chest. A fine thrill pierced her heart. She could feel him grow tense at her touch; she could almost hear the blood hammering through his veins. His muscles were rock-solid under her hands. It was all she could do to restrain herself for letting her hand sneak lower toward his crotch.
She wanted to rip through those skintight jeans and go straight for his hard male flesh. Beneath her clothes, her skin felt as though it were on fire. She could imagine his hands at her waist, his blond head bent over her body, lips pulling at a bare nipple. There was nothing more she wanted right now than the intimacy of his mouth against her own, his body pressed against hers, his erection pressing against her belly…
A soft sound of appreciation escaped her throat, thankfully muffled by the roar of the engine. God, but I’d love to run my hands over his package and see what comes up.
The very idea stunned her, but not half as much as it excited her. She knew all she’d have to do was reach down and touch him. Trouble was, she didn’t know if she could handle what might happen next. A woman could get in trouble for playing the cock tease.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-212-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 11/24/2013
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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