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Club Strigoi Shots: Chimera

Club Strigoi Series

Author(s): Sandy Lynn

Being new to the Club Strigoi world has its benefits...or its dangers. What happens when a girl who always does exactly what she should decides to walk on the wilder side of things for just one night?


She was new. Of that much he could be certain. She had the distinctive aura of someone who had never been to the club before as she stood at the bar nervously and toyed with the glass in front of her. He lifted his own glass to his lips, watching the punk next to her trying to hit on her.
You think your method is working, but you are not paying close enough attention...
He smiled. The poor girl was looking for any excuse to get away from the man with the spiked blond hair. That was his cue. “Excuse me,” he said, inserting himself firmly between the girl and her would-be suitor. “Can I get another?” He lifted his glass to the bartender.
She nodded, and promptly gave him another.
Handing her a ten-dollar bill, he looked down at her amply displayed cleavage. “Keep the change.”
She smiled at him and licked her lips suggestively.
Lifting the glass to his lips, he took a small sip of the slightly spicy drink.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” screamed Spikey. “I was talking to her.”
“Really?” He did his best to put on a shocked expression. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize.” Looking at her, he tilted his head slightly. “Should I move so you can continue your conversation with the porcupine?”
She giggled. It was an innocent and delightful sound that demanded a return smile from him. “My name’s Mary,” she offered. Her hands betrayed her nervousness as she began to twist the edge of her napkin between her fingers.
“A pleasure to meet you, Mary. Would you like to dance?”
“I’m not really very good,” she shook her head.
“Trust me, you don’t have to be good here. Most people are too busy watching them.” He pointed to a couple on the dance floor. The woman had on a small vest that only just covered her breasts and nothing else, matched with a pair of tight shorts and thigh-high stockings. Her hair hung freely, almost to the floor, as she bent over and rubbed her ass against her partner. The man looked like he’d severely maim anyone who tried to get between them.
“I can’t dance like that...”
He held his hand out to her. “You don’t have to. It will be fun...” He looked over his shoulder at the still-seething blond guy. “I’m sorry. Unless I really was interrupting…”
Mary chewed on her lip as her eyes darted between the two men. “Well, maybe…” She hesitated another moment, then placed her hand in his. “Let’s go.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-180-7
Genre: BDSM
Date Published: 04/01/2013
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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