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Destra and the Lustpire

Author(s): Carys Weldon

Destra has secrets, and they keep her awake at night. In her restlessness, they cause her to take daring walks in the dark. It is on one of those strolls that the Lustpire, Jorro, finds her. Enamored with her-no, obsessed with her-he commits to convincing her that they are soul mates.


Destra walked alone on the night I first laid eyes on her. But it was surely her scent that drew me.
The moment I saw her, I fell in love, entranced with her beauty. The breeze lifted her hair, honey gold. Her pale skin, so set out from the darkness of the night that I couldn't wait to touch it, to hold her.
She says she needed to be alone.
To ponder the plights of womanhood: loneliness, her very reason for being, and what purpose men had used her for. Yes, Destra had been a victim of thoughtless, callous, selfish men and if she would give me their names, they'd all be dead. I'd do it in one night, in a single spree of horrific vengeance. They would know the pain! I'd lay open the throat of every bastard that ever caused her heartache. But not before I told them exactly whose vengeance they were receiving.
That is why she isn't listing names, I think. She knows I would do it in a heartbeat. That I would defend her honor to my last breath. And the very thought is enough for her. It empowers her.
I think.
She's never said she was a victim, but I feel it. I know there are things bothering her that she won't tell me. And for that, I suffer. Why won't she open up to me? I know she grieves over something. It. Whatever it is.
And I'm sorry to say that my love has not stopped Destra's introspection. On the contrary, I believe she thinks all the more about who she is and where she is headed. But those solitary walks, like she took the night we first met? They have ceased. She never walks alone in the dark any more. Not now. No. She hasn't been alone like that since that fateful night…the night we met. Even in the light of day, she hasn't been alone for long. I can't stand to let her out of my sight.
Yes, I am obsessed. But you have to understand…I looked so long for a soul mate that I could not bear to lose her.
Even now, while I etch these thoughts into my journal, the very consideration that she could be taken from me, or leave of her own free will drives me insane. Lo, it is a good thing she sleeps within reach. Pause.
I had to touch her. Soft. Tender. Sensuous, meaty woman.
Another pause.
I laid my writing instrument down, suddenly urged to wake her. Kneading her fleshy rear end, I spooned up to her, sliding my manhood between her cheeks.
I whispered to her, “Destra, are you awake?”
She moaned. That makes me smile. Even in her sleep, her butt slides back against me. This is the woman of my dreams.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-110-4
Genre: Gothic
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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