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Four Dead

Author(s): Jennifer DiCamillo

Two detectives race against the clock to solve the city’s worst case in years. Four victims are dead. All leads are exhausted. The murderer is still out there. Who will he pick next?
Detective Beth Thompson and her partner, Mike Barber, come to the horrifying conclusion that she is the likeliest target. Scared for her life, Beth determines to live her last week in a big way. She asks Mike to line up a date with each one of his three brothers. Her life is at stake...and also his heart.


He was bent over, where all she could see was his rear end, which looked mighty fine from her angle, but he’d been over his desk, reaching for something, for some time now. At first, she’d just watched the view with pleasure. Nearly four minutes later, her head was tipped sideways and she was beginning to wonder about him.
Very tightly, he muttered, “Beth. I think I need your help.” The fact that he’d asked for it was almost a miracle in and of itself.
Scooting her chair back, she wasted no time coming around to investigate. She was, after all, one of the city’s finest detectives. Both ends of his tie were caught in his desk drawer. His balance was awkward, at best. The smile spreading over her face was impossible to contain. To her credit, though, she didn’t laugh outright. Slowly, she folded her arms and asked, as if she were confused, “What kind of help were you, uh, wanting, Mike?”
Wincing, he tipped his head in her direction. Through gritted teeth, he told her. “My tie is stuck in the drawer of my desk. I pulled back and—”
Her eyebrows went up. What he had done was obvious, but he had bigger problems than that. He was balanced awkwardly with only one hand free. She interrupted him. “I see.” She tried to look unhappy about it, even offered a perplexed look to the mix of emotions running over her face. Desperately, she tried to be serious.
“Can you help me?”
Very slowly, she shook her head. “Oh, I don’t think so, Mike.”
“What do you mean, you don’t think so? Help me get this damn thing loose without ripping it.”
“You’re beyond help. I’ve told you that a million times. This time, I think you’re just stuck.” She
glanced around. Lucky for him, they were between shifts. No witnesses to his stupidity. No traffic coming through. She offered, “I could go in search of a janitor, I suppose.”
“This isn’t funny, Beth.”
“Oh, I think you’re wrong on that. It’s hilarious.” Her smile spread openly.
“It’s starting to choke me.” He used a stern voice, totally serious.
She worked at it, but managed to frown again, leaning closer, examining the situation with a detective’s attention to detail. “Damn if it isn’t.”
He wasn’t in any immediate danger of death, until he pulled back again in irritation over her enjoying his discomfiture. “The key...” He choked out. His face was taking on a blue hue, more from irritation than lack of oxygen.
“The key? The key to your precious desk? That you never want me to touch? That you hide from all eyes, like you’ve got all the precious gold in China hidden in there? That key?”
He barely managed a, “Yeah. That key.” He was trying to lift his left leg and get a hold on his ankle, but he was stretched across the desk, balancing with his right hand. The position was just too maladroit for him to reach his ankle holster, where the key was hidden.
“The one that has the file I’ve been asking for—locked up tight, for your eyes only?”
“Yeah.” By now he was desperate. “I have a better idea. Get your scissors.”
“You can’t cut that tie! I bought it for you last Christmas! I paid thirty bucks for the damn thing, too. And on my salary, that was way too much.”
He did wear it a lot. That was some consolation.
“Come on, Beth. I really can’t breathe.” He exaggerated.
“What the hell were you doing?” She went around by his chair, facing him, trying to figure it out on her own. She was a detective, for God’s sake. She smiled. “Ah, I see.”

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Genre: Mystery
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Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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