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Green Dreams

Author(s): Terri Pray

Lily fell in love with the garden the moment she saw it. The overgrown bushes and untended trees spoke of possibilities. When a mythical being appeared in the garden, Lily found herself not only seeing the potential within the garden, but also the latent passion within herself. Will Lily learn to believe that the creature before her and the love it offers is real and not a dream?


“Is something the matter?” The newcomer spoke with soft words and a gentle voice. She took a step closer carrying a scent of the trees with her. “Maybe I shouldn’t have startled you like that, but I’ve been alone such a long time, ever since she died.” Her curls bobbed in the direction of the house. “At least I think she died, your kind doesn’t sleep the way I do. Is it death when you close your eyes and never wake up again?”
Yes, she was dreaming. That would explain a few things. She’d fallen asleep against the side of the tree and now was imagining that she had company in the garden.
“Aren’t you going to talk to me?” A hurt look formed across youthful features, turning cupid’s-bow lips into a pout. “I thought you’d at least say hello. You didn’t look like the type that would ignore me.”
“I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say to a dream.”
The pout shifted quickly to a merry smile as the young woman cleared the distance between them. With little or no effort, she eased down to crouch beside Lily, then reached out to brush her fingers lightly against her cheek. “Does this feel like a dream, Lily? Dreams can’t touch you.” Gentle fingers, they cupped at her cheek, brushing over lips with a tenderness she had long since forgotten. “Or this?” The woman leaned forward, her soft breath caressing Lily’s face. Her lips sought hers, gentle, teasing, light in their touch, offering a tenderness that pushed away her shock at being kissed by another woman.
Oak, she smelled of the oak.
“What are you?” Whispered words slipped free as the kiss broke, heart racing with the touch of the other's breath against her skin.
“I think you already know.”
Did she? There it was again, the smell of the oak. Lily frowned and leaned back against the tree taking in the woman’s green hair, green and brown skin. She had eyes as bright as the leaves that uncurled above them.
No, this couldn’t be happening, or else it was a practical joke.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-033-6
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/03/2014
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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