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Heavenly Bodies

Author(s): Celine Chatillon

Outer Worlds Mining Corp miner Lelia Clayden lives for mail day. Her sexy mailman, Del Tourner, gives her reason to continue her lonely existence, but he's unable to stay more than fifteen minutes at a time. Lelia orders a "PlayMate" holographic robot to pleasure her personally... What will Del think of how she's programmed her PlayMate to look exactly like him?

Alien Seduction
Jenna Henson is a first rate sf geek, but even she knows the difference between fantasy and reality. Prince Reglund of her favorite TV show, Galactic Guerillas, cannot be the sexy hunk pleasuring her in her own bed. But what the heck? Why not give in to the fantasy and enjoy herself? It's only when she wakes up on Reg's home world does she begin to suspect there's more to the television series than meets the eye.

Diplomatic Relations
Ambassador Cherae Longbow is nervous. She and her Martian assistant/lover, Jax, have been recalled from their diplomatic post to talk to the High Commissioner on Earth. Rumors have it that the Alliance needs to make a good impression on its newest potential members, the Magnens. But why does the High Commissioner keep mentioning that Cherae's "open-mindedness" is an asset in this delicate situation?

Heavenly Bodies
Telepathic, non-humanoid aliens Mahla and Shahla find astronaut Frank Rimmer frozen in a cryo-statis chamber, the lone survivor of a deep-space asteroid impact on his vessel. The two make repairs to the damaged ship and do their best to help Frank to recover both physically and mentally…including transmitting images of gorgeous women they've discovered on a pin-up calendar into Frank's mind for their appearances.


Scene set-up: ALIEN SEDUCTION Jenna and Prince Reglund arrive at the waterfall... "Whoa! That’s cold water, all right. My hair will look nice and shiny especially if this stuff has any hair vitamins or conditioners in it." "I think your hair looks gorgeous without those things anyway," a deep, smooth voice intoned from somewhere close by. "In fact, I find your whole body simply extraordinary, my dear lady." Jenna gasped and spun around to face the voice. Lord ‘Ladykiller’ Talbit sat perched on a nearby rock. He raked his dark gaze up and down her curves and twirled his long, black moustache with a brazen tilt to his head. Tapping his high black boots against the stone, he grinned, a hungry tiger toying with his prey. She dove back into the pool to retrieve her towel located at the other end. "I didn’t know you were there. I apologize for bathing in your pond and using your soap, but..." A series of broad strides landed the corsair-like nobleman next to her towel before Jenna could reach for it. He took a step back from the water’s edge and held it out to her. She frowned at him and stayed low in the water. "There’s no need for apologies, my dear. I offer this simple hospitality to all young lovers who visit the falls. In fact, if one of my gardeners hadn’t spied your mount traveling along the trail earlier, I think your lovely sonnet would have informed me of your whereabouts eventually." "My sonnet?" "Yes. Now, how did that poem you recited to your lover go? ‘Fuck me-fuck me harder’ or similar words to that effect. Not quite in the Columbrian style, but I admit I like it all the same." Jenna blushed. "Why, you filthy, rotten…" "Voyeur? Yes, that’s the trouble with living so close to the waterfalls. I do get to seeand hearsome great lovemaking at times. But I don’t always get to partake in the pleasure myself, not unless you and your lover are open to…" He shrugged. His meaning was all too clear. She rose up in righteous anger and came after himand the towelwith fists raised. "Why, you, dirty-minded bastard. Prince Reglund would never consent to such a despicable" "Good day, Talbit!" Reg called out from behind her. She turned and saw him standing tall and naked, unaffected by their company. "I see you’ve met the fair Jenna, maiden of Earth and formidable bed partner." "Good day to you, oh, mighty Prince of the Galactic Realms." Talbit bowed low to his master then shook his hand and laughed. "I’ve always appreciated your taste in women, Reglund. This feisty one is quite the beauty. Are you sure you would be adverse to sharing her?" Reg smiled at his sopping wet lover. He accepted the towel from his friend and began vigorously rubbing Jenna’s skin to warm it up. "The choice of where and when and with whom she wishes to use her womanly charms on is entirely up to her. I make no demands of Jenna she isn’t willing to fulfill." Talbit sighed and nodded. "But I have to admit that Earth maidens… Well, let me say, Talbit, that the women of Earth can make love like no others in the galaxy. In fact, I would say my fair one here could easily handle both of our needs forthwith and have a most memorable time herself, if she wanted to." Jenna’s jaw dropped. She stared at her beloved fantasy hero in disbelief and shock. "Are you suggesting that I service the both of you at the same time?" Talbit took a step closer and lightly caressed her cheek. "No, my dear lady. Your prince is suggesting that we both give pleasure to you at the same time." His hand dropped from her face to her shoulder and gently squeezed it. "But we would never do anything against the lady’s will."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-007-7
Genre: Science Fiction
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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