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Hell on Earth Series

Author(s): Carys Weldon

Sexy vampire Bo-bierre’s done with demon work. He’s lonely, missing his maker, Josefina. All he can figure is God worked her a deal. He gets some of the devil’s minions to stake him out in the desert, but the devil hears about it and comes to make him a deal. To get love in hell is a real trick. You do the hundred years, you get one night to convince your soul mate, and bring her over to the dark side.


A noise on the fire escape whipped her around. One by one, gargoyles alighted and leapt into her apartment. They sniffed high and low and craned their short, stubby necks, panting jovially like dogs. With eyes wide, she backed up until her legs hit the bed. In swooped a big, black bat. Not big as in football sized. This bat had the dimensions of a linebacker. And it thumped into the door frame, hard, splitting the old wood as it came through, making an “Oomph” sound before it did a somersault of sorts, swooped, buzzed around the room, bounced off the too-low ceiling, knocked over a standing torchiere lamp.
It then somersaulted again, and crouched. Its legs stretched, its trunk thickened, and right before her eyes a man in black knelt. Hollywood couldn’t have produced a better effect. Josey watched the wings shake like a wet umbrella, twice, three times, before furling tight and disappearing—as the furred face lost its bat look. The creature’s long dark hair retained its sleekness, and the nose of the man remained a bit more pointed than round over fairly thin lips.
She couldn’t believe it. There, before her, in her own apartment, stood the most…entrancing piece of manflesh she’d ever seen. The epitome of a dark angel. Her every fantasy come to life, once the full transformation was complete. His eyes watchful—staring straight into hers, gauging her response to his entrance…careful, unmoving now for the space of several seconds. And very slowly, he pulled his lips back, sucking air through his teeth.
She would have fainted, she told herself, if she’d thought there was any possibility that it was real. Except, nobody believed in Dracula or gargoyles any more. Life had taught her to be a realist, if nothing else. So, she didn’t even blink. She figured, what the hell? If this is how vivid my fantasies have gotten, so be it. I’ll indulge myself.
She didn’t think her blood sugar had dropped that low, but whatever had brought on this hallucination… hells yeah, she’d always been a fan of dark and sexy.
Josey looked her visitor up and down. He wasn’t like any vampire she’d seen in the movies. No svelt, lithe, Zorro-like persona here. Oh, he was dressed in black— but he didn’t have a ruffled shirt or a cape, or a deep widow’s peak down his forehead. No Bella Lugosi, no pretty pallid Brad Pitt. This guy had on some tight black jeans, and a tighter black T-shirt. He looked awesome in them. And he was certainly no kid like that Pattinson guy in the Twilight series… although she didn’t dislike him or Pitt.
She felt a little cheated over her own imagination. Mostly because he had no leather pants on. Surely, she could have conjured that up?
Her gaze dwelt for a long time on the juncture between the man’s thighs with a narrowing irritation, before he hissed softly, “I can assure you…I like to eat. Thanks for the invitation.” Sexy. Suggestive. The words crawled through the air, permeating her thin nightclothes, right into her navel, spiraling down to the center of her being.
Okay, now she knew she was depraved. Even the bouncing bat man looked good—real good—to her. She fought back a giggle. Bouncing bat man. Geez. And managed to eke out, “I burned the toast.”
His nose wrinkled. “Is that what I smell?”
She retorted quickly. “It sure isn’t me.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-178-4
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 04/01/2013
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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