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His One

Author(s): Terri Pray

Simon was a master of his art. He'd trained other sub's, taught them, helped them push past their fears, but it had always been for others. Never for himself. No matter how willing, how eager, or talented the submissive proved to be they didn't fit. Not in his arms, or at his feet.
He needed his one.
Had he found her in Cassandra?
Untouched by leather, pain, or restraint. An unknown in his world, yet there was something in her eyes. A hint of a promise that called to him as he watched her. In this woman, this gentle soul with her forbidden dreams, could he finally find the missing half of his heart, of his soul? The one to wear his collar. Bondage fiction at its best!


Would she ever have the nerve to openly read some of the books she now stacked onto the shelves? No, not her. A pity really, they were so very tempting. Such things she would continue to read through in private, at home, or under the counter until someone walked in and she was forced to hide it well and truly from sight once more. If one of the older women who frequented her store walked in to see her reading something with a naked couple entwined on the cover, she might lose the customer.
Or encourage them to try that author.
A knife's edge she didn't have the courage to walk just yet.
Her mother would die of shock if she ever knew the type of novels her daughter preferred to curl up with. Bad enough that she had not shown any interest in marrying, no matter how hard her mother had tried to set her up with any man that would cooperate long enough.
Isn't it about time you found yourself a nice man to settle down with?
How often had she heard that from her mother in the past couple of years? More times than she cared to count. It didn't seem to matter that Cassie hadn't met someone she felt comfortable with; all her Mom wanted was the obligatory grandchildren to spoil. Maybe that wasn't entirely fair, but at times she could have sworn her mother's eyes grew wide and hopeful if Cassie so much as mentioned a man in passing.
Her jaw tightened. Tomorrow would mean another one of those visits after work, and it was no longer something she could avoid. Still, at least she had been able to avoid moving back in, despite her mother's constant push that she belonged at home until Mr. Right came along.
Bah, right. As if such a man actually existed out there.
If they did, then the odds of them looking anything like the newcomer were slim to none, and Slim had long since left town.
“A quiet day?” Steel wrapped in velvet. She'd read the term before in reference to how someone's voice might sound, but until this moment had never heard it. A tingle ran down the full length of her body and into her core even before she looked up from the boxes. She tried not to follow the line of his leg up to his groin, but the sight beckoned her regardless.
Her breath caught in the back of her throat; she could almost see it. His cock, thick and long beneath the denim. Shit. No. She had to look away and not act like a teenager facing her first crush. “Mondays often are, but it gives me a chance to catch up with a little work.” Cassie began to move up from her knees. “Half my deliveries turn up at the beginning of the week.”
“No, please. Stay where you are. I didn't mean to disturb you at all.” He gestured slightly towards the floor. “I am sure you have a lot of work to do and it would be easier on your knees, I believe, if you did not have to get up now only to return to sorting through those boxes once our conversation was finished.”
You haven't disturbed me.” At least not in the manner he might have meant. Her stomach knotted, and tension built instantly across her shoulders. He wanted her to remain on her knees? Whatever for?

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-005-3
Genre: BDSM
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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