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Leigh: Book 8 - A Friend in Need

Leigh - Drama Queen in Training Series

Author(s): Sandy Lynn

They say the road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions. Leigh tries to be there when one of her best friends needs her. But who could've guessed she'd manage to offend the most sought after male model while ranting on the phone to another friend? Can she find a way to fix the situation or slide further down that slippery slope?


“Thanks. First, that dude I was seeing turns out to be some dick who just wanted to get his rocks off by cheating on his wife,” she could hear the venom she poured into the last word, but couldn’t help herself. It still stung. “With me.”
“What a jerk! The nerve of some men, thinking they can do whatever they please!”
“Exactly. Well, then I get here and not only are there fans going wild, there are these cover models. Okay, so what if they look good. Seriously, since when has good looks been an excuse to act like a total and complete inconsiderate prick?”
“Um, where do you live? Have you not noticed that’s how society is?” Bryna chuckled.
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I mean, what, just because you’re pretty, is that an excuse to act however you please? Oh, I’m pretty, so I don’t have to use manners. Look at me, my body has no fat, so you have to do everything for me...” Leigh was starting on one of her rolls, and it felt good. She’d had way too much building up inside of her lately. She needed to get all of this out.
“Look at me, I go jogging every day. I don’t need to make a commitment or even let the chick I’m fucking know how I feel about her. God forbid I let her know if I want to see her more, or that I just tell her I only wanna have fun now and then. Nope, let’s make her think she’s going insane and wonder what she wants, or if she wants more and worry herself day and night wondering if she should ask for more or not. And if she does get up the nerve to actually ask...well, does that mean she will lose the oh so amazing sex that she at least gets infrequently now so long as she stays quiet?”
“Excuse me...” A male voice came from just to her right, but she was too wrapped up in her rant now to stop.
“Or oh, no, it’s no big deal that I’m married. No, don’t worry about something little like that. Me and my wife have an agreement...Yeah, baby, don’t worry that I’m just using you for a warm body because I let my dick do my thinking for me. Just don’t expect me to treat you like a person, or return your phone calls. Nope, we are only going to do things when it’s convenient for me. And if you don’t go along with it, then I’ll just call you a stuck-up bitch who is probably nothing but a prude. I get to act all pissy because you won’t help me break my marriage vows.”
Excuse me...” The voice was slightly louder this time.
Leigh rolled her eyes and continued her rant. “It seems like the more attractive a person is the more they expect things to simply be handed to them! Which only makes sense, I guess, since I let Kyle get away with a hell of a lot more than I ever let Chris get away with. So I guess this means those cover models expect to have everything done for them. No time for common courtesy. Why should they bother with simple things like saying excuse me if they nearly slam into you when coming out of an elevator...”
“Miss, I hate to interrupt, but...”
“No, it’s more like ‘why aren’t you quivering over my hotness?’ They look at you like you’re insane because you aren’t a puddle of goo at their feet simply because they smiled at you or deemed you worthy of a hello!” Oh yeah, her blood was pumping now. The adrenalin was kicking in and she was getting the most out of her workout. “I bet they have people who wipe their asses for them! Oh what a wonderful thing, surely they did something great! Walking around like they think they are living breathing gods who deserve to have the world catering to their every little whim...”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-163-0
Genre: Contemporary
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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