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Mark - Pack Attack

The Pack Series: Book 7

Author(s): Carys Weldon

Mark Wolf's a beta lumber wolf, the number two son, and pretty content as a mob style bagman until his brother Barklay, CEO of Wolf Enterprises, disappears, and Amber comes into his life. That brings out the alpha in him.


That's me. Mark Wolf.
And that would be Amber's voice. ~sigh~
I can't get enough of it. It makes me wanna curl up on the bed and pull her into my arms. Yeah, belly up, exposed to the whole wide world. Or her ministrations, anyway.
Again, she asked, “Mark?” Husky, like warm whiskey over ice-she melts me.
I heard the rustle of her clothing, the friction of her slacks rubbing together at her thighs. Gaia help me. Is everything about her sexy? I think so.
She's a big, beautiful woman, not some twig.
Damn-swishing sound of silk on satin or something, getting me worked up. I know she's undressing. Teasing bitch-never shuts the door. She knows I can hear what she's doing. Me and my wolf ears.
That woman definitely likes to keep me hot and bothered, thinking of her naked. Nearly naked. Thinking about getting naked.
The temp in the room rose about ten degrees. I swear it did.
A grunt, a moan. My curiosity had me tipping my head, wishing I could see through walls.
Very pleased with herself, Amber singsonged, “I've got a surprise for you.”
“Cool.” I tried to sound unaffected, almost uninterested, but she's got my curiosity up 24/7.
Not moments before, she came breezing in through the front door, whisking herself and a shopping bag into the bathroom before I had a chance to glance up. Just caught her ass end as it disappeared around the corner.
Gaia, I love her wide back door. Enough to last 'til sundown, if you know what I mean.
I'd been pondering her inscription inside the journal, and all it implies. Kind of hung me up right there on the first page. The thought of her not letting me near her-that she's ever considered it-it's got me feeling pretty tied up.
Like I need more pressure. I went off on a vacation a few months ago, had a great time checking out the tundra-until I got a call. My brother, Barklay, went missing. Nobody knows what the hell happened to him. Well, somebody does, and I'm damn sure gonna find out.
Bark ran Wolf Enterprises. So not only did he disappear--and I have to wonder and worry about that--but the pissin' company's got problems: embezzled funds, takeover issues. And all the fingers are pointing at him. So, yeah, I'm facing some fucked-up heat.
I'm handling it, but shit. Things are out of control all over the place. I arrived back in the states to find the bastet-friggin' cats-are the ones trying to take us over. Now, if that's not the dumbest fucking shit you ever heard. Bastets owning a garou conglomerate.
You understand what I'm talking about? Cat people attacking dog people where they live, where they eat, trying to own us.
Ain't never gonna happen. Fucking shapeshifting morphodites. I'll kill every last one of them before I let them get away with it.
They had the nerve to come to our property. Killed one of our own without provocation.
My people know how I feel about that sorta shit. Before I got off the plane, they had taken up arms and were out hunting. That was the last night anyone saw Bark.
So we've got a Gaia-damned good idea on who is responsible for his disappearance and before it's all said and done, I'll find him, and kill the bitch that's responsible.
Reports said he was with a fucking bastet whore. She had to set him up. Tricked him? Drugged him at the bar? What else would he be doing with a bitch cat?
I will find her, and you can sure as shit bet that that bastet pride will be gone. I swear it.
Amber muttered, “Oooh,” stealing my attention back for a second. I tuned in, hoping for more. I wondered if she had a toy out in that other room.
“You need my help with anything?” I offered assistance. Hell, I just wanted to watch. Touch. Anything.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-053-4
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published:
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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