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Melting Ice 2

Author(s): D.J. Manly

Mario De Luca is a former biker and the key witness in a trial which will put a mobster away for a very long time...if he makes it to testify.
F.B.I. agent Thomas Petrie was looking for excitement and danger, but his very first assignment has him on 'babysitting duty'. Thomas is not very happy having to spend his every waking hour with De Luca in an isolated cabin, especially since he won't stop coming on to him.
All he wants is to complete his assignment and move on. But Mario is proving to be quite a distraction.


He was wearing his bathrobe and carrying a towel. I was still hard and as you can imagine, Mario discarding his robe in front of me didn't help to shrink my erection. My mouth went dry when my eyes feasted on his hard, round ass.
I quickly diverted my eyes off somewhere towards the trees, glancing at him again only when I was sure he was in the water. Had he seen me? I doubted it. If he had, knowing Mario, he would have come out and said something. Or maybe not. Oh, well, didn't matter. Forget it. But I couldn't. I was obsessed with knowing.
I waited all day. We played cards, practiced reading and then when I was heating some soup for supper, I asked him. “Did you…ah…see me this morning?”
“Thomas,” he said, “I've seen you all day.”
“No, I mean…”
“Did I see you lying there naked touching yourself?”
I felt my face flush.
“Don't worry. You have my gratitude. It was like a drink of water for a man who's been wandering in the desert.”
I cleared my throat unnecessarily and turned back to the stove.
“Very beautiful,” he said softly. He came up behind me, close. I felt his hand on my shoulder. My entire body trembled. I turned around.
“Why don't you let me…touch you…like you were touching yourself this morning?”
I met his gaze. “Mario…I…”
“Thomas,” he placed a hand on my hip, the other on my wrist, “let me. I promise I won't do anything except just touch you. Take off your clothes and let me…”
“No,” I said, stepping away. I almost knocked the soup off the stove.
He backed away. “Okay. I apologize.”
“Let's forget it.”
“That's the problem, Thomas. I can't forget it. And lately I get the impression that you're…you're teasing me.”
“What? What do you think I am, some little girl who--”
“No. You're no little girl,” Mario said. He walked over to the window. “I know we're different. I also know what you're here for. I understand all that shit. I know that you're…well…if not gay, you're curious…” He turned around and looked at me. “I've had a lot of men, Thomas. The life I've led…well… I don't want that anymore…but I'm lonely. I'm horny and I'm just a little scared.”
It was the first time he'd admitted to being scared. I tried to digest what he was saying. I didn't want to overreact. “I can understand that.”
“I didn't expect to be up here with someone like you.”
“Someone like me?”
“Young, hot, hung and…I'm finding it hard to…I'm very attracted to you, and this morning when you were...doing that…I admit it, I watched you and I had all I could do to restrain myself, and--”
“Mario,” I warned.
“Listen, goddamn it, I could die tomorrow. If Rosa wants to get to me, he won't stop ever…do you understand?”
“Yes. Maybe if you told me who you were protecting, I could…”
“Will you stop playing the goddamned FBI for ten seconds and listen to what I'm saying?”
I gripped the top of the chair. “I'm listening.”
“You're going to need to stop teasing me, okay?”
That pissed me off. He could have said anything else but that. “You know, fuck you,” I said. “I'm not here to deal with your sexual hang-ups. You're horny, jerk off, but don't blame it on me…or try to guilt me into sleeping with you.”
“You're hopeless,” he shook his head. “I'm trying to tell you I…okay, fine.” He threw up his hands. “Go on playing games with me, Thomas, but I won't be responsible if I lose control one night.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-069-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 08/06/2008
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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