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Merry Men and Women

Come With Carys Series

Author(s): Carys Weldon

You've heard all about Robin Hood's proficiency with a bow, and his love affair with Maid Marion, but before he met her, Rob played at more than one game in Nottingham.
Perhaps you hadn't heard? Rob's got a sword, too, and he knows how to use it. Step into Sherwood, where women appreciate a man who knows how to wield his weapon with skill.
Robin Hood is the king of swords, but his young apprentice, Lion, is taking lessons, learning fast, and his sword skills are quickly becoming renowned, too.


Idly, Rob examined the blade he’d been given-a long sword of sharpest proportions. Much like his God-given tool, it was smoothly made, and worthy of praise.

Tuck said, “The prince of thieves can now be called the king of swords, too.”

One of the merry men commented, “I believe he has that reputation a’ready.”

The rest of the band of men in the clearing laughed outright, agreeing on Rob’s luck with the ladies. Of course, this is long before he met up with the maid named Marion. But that is another story.

Rob speared the air with the gift, just to try the weight out. “Not bad.” He parried before swinging it again with a hop, spin and leap toward Tuck’s throat, teasing Tuck with a smiling, “En garde, knave!”

Tuck waddled backward quickly with a frown on his face. “All right. Give it back. I can see you’re dangerous with it.”

“I could get the hang of it.” Rob skewered the air again with a zigzag slash, thoughtfully eyeing the way the piece zipped through nothing.

Tuck twisted his lips, “Stick to the bow, Rob. Ya look ridiculous.”

At that, Rob sheathed the blade. “I’ll keep it, thanks.”

Before any more could be said on the matter, two of Rob’s men brought a complaint to his ear, arguing loudly as they approached.

Tuck pursed his lips together. “Looks like your men aren’t all merry, Rob.”

Rob rolled his eyes and climbed up in his chair. An old oak had been carved out to make a throne of sorts. It was rough hewn, and occasionally Rob picked up splinters. He sat gingerly, adjusted himself, and lifted his chin, waiting for the men to stop their bickering and state their business.

Rob’s keen gaze noted every nuance between the complainants in front of his makeshift woodsy throne. Within minutes, he discerned that there was a woman between the two men. Not at that precise moment, but ‘twas the reason for the complaint.

The one on the left was looking for justice, seriously explaining. “The point to remember here is that he stole from me, Rob.”

The one on the right shook his head, curled his lips in disgust. “We’re thieves! Ya can’t hold that against me. Besides?” he turned to the other man, “You don’t own the woman.”

John muttered under his breath, “It ain’t right to steal her out from under me.”

Lou responded, “You’re the one that got up and?”

“Went to relieve myself! It ain’t like I left her lying in the grass for days. I wasn’t gone more than…” He stopped to figure it.

Rob’s brow went up along with one corner of his lips. Amused, he asked, “Was it worth all this? A rift in a long-standing friendship? Over one woman? That’s what I want to know.” He leaned back, resting his chin on his hand, contemplating the issue in front of him as both men clapped their lips shut. Rob chuckled. “Where is she?”

One of the archers standing nearby asked, “Ya want us to go fetch her, Rob?”

Another asked, “What ya gonna do with the tart, Rob? Try her yourself?”

Guffaws went up around the treed circle of rabble.

Rob ignored them all, his gaze still pinned to the men in front of him.

Lou reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. “Well? truth is? she ran off.”

John turned to him with a grunt, “You let her run off?”

In his defense, Lou said, “You never said she claws like a cat, John.” He rubbed his chest gently. The action moved the front of his shirt enough for those close enough to see nail slices through the thick hair there.

John poked at them. “You deserve those.” Then he turned, apologizing, “I didn’t know she’d run off, Rob. We bothered you for nothing.” To the other man, he said, “You’ll help me find her, you will, before she makes it back to her farm. Don’t want her kicking up any dust.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-152-4
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 11/12/2012
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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