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Novel Experience

Club Strigoi Series: Book 2

Author(s): Sandy Lynn

Dani enters Club Strigoi for inspiration for her newest novel. At first she is harassed, but a handsome bouncer comes to her aid. Now that she's been given the go ahead from her editor, she wants to reenter the Club to gain insight on the setting and tone of her book. But even more than that, she wants to see him again.
When Dani tells Bram that she's only there for research purposes, he feels disappointed, but agrees to help her. As they become friends, he finds it becoming harder and harder to keep his hands off her body, especially once she begins to shed her baggy attire for clothes that hug her curves.
How will Dani react when she finds out the true inspiration for her novel, Bram, is more like the Vampire Hero than she could ever have guessed?


“Wow, how did you get the music to be so muted in here,” she asked, amazed that they could talk without screaming, or leaning very close. Part of her wanted him to sit closer. So close that they could accidentally brush against each other. She wanted him to lean toward her until she could feel his breath warming her ear again. She wanted to be able to simply turn her head and be able to kiss him. She wanted to suck his tongue into her mouth, but to be able to pretend it was an accident if he didn't reciprocate. Resisting the urge to slide over to him and snuggle up, she smiled and waited for his answer.
“Thick walls. You said something about explaining?”
She nodded, unable to stall any longer. “I'm a…a writer. I was just hoping to get some inspiration for a story that I'm going to write. It's about vampires…”
Bram began to cough. “And what drew you here,” he asked when the coughing had subsided.
“The name. Club Strigoi. Strigoi was one of the words ancient--or at least older--cultures used for vampires. It was part of a Romanian term…” Dani cleared her throat, silencing her speech. “I figured, what better place to use for research?”
“And you're hoping to find real vampires here?” His voice was hesitant, disbelieving but not quite mocking.
“No. I just want to listen to the music, take note of the clothes, watch the dancing.” Dani lowered her eyes. “I understand if you want me to leave.”
“Why would I want that?”
“Well…” You were flirting with me, and I just told you I came here for business, not pleasure. I bruised your ego because now you think I'm not interested in you. But I am. If I thought I had half of a chance with you…
Dani knew she didn't have to confess anything to him. She didn't have to tell him the reasons she entered the club in the first place. Technically, he couldn't stop her from sitting around, from observing everyone and everything that happened inside the club so long as she followed the rules. But I would prefer him to want to spend time with me, smile at me… Oh well. She sighed. You can't have your cake and eat it too. “Uh…” she couldn't find a way to put her thoughts into words without insulting him. “That is to say…”
“You haven't done anything wrong, Dani,” Bram tilted her head gently up, easing her attempt to be polite. “You didn't make me any promises when I gave you that invitation. If anything, you told me honestly that you didn't know if you'd ever come back. I hope you find what you're looking for while you're here.” Bram began to stand up.
She wasn't ready for him to leave. “Thank you. So, does this mean you don't mind if I come back?”
“Of course not. And please, let me know if there's anything I can help you with.”
Dani nodded. “I really appreciate this.”
“No problem. I appreciate you being honest with me. Most women wouldn't have told me; they would have led me on just so they could continue to get inside the club, no questions asked.”
“I could never do that. I try to let a guy know if I'm not interested. I hate playing head games. Except with my characters,” she added with a smile. She cringed when she thought about what she said. It sounded exactly as though she were not interested in Bram. But I do want you, she wanted to scream.
Using her imagination, she could picture him acting out a torrid love scene--the way it would be if she were writing it.
Bram walked back over to her and pulling her off the couch, crushing her against his chest.
"You only came for research," he asked skeptically, a knowing smirk on is face.
For a moment she was completely caught up in the overwhelming sensation of having his strong arms around her body. Unable to lie to him, Dani shook her head.
"I didn't think so." Leaning down, he captured her mouth with his. His tongue thrust into her mouth, demanding control over her response. He tasted like cinnamon and virile man--spicy, hot and very addicting. Eagerly sucking on his tongue, she willingly followed his lead until he no longer held her flesh and bones in his arms. No, after a few minutes of his kissing, Dani felt more like a boneless mass of jelly that was shaped like her.
Ending the kiss, Bram smiled down at her. "You want me, don't you?"
She nodded.
"Say it," he commanded.
"I want you, Bram. I've thought about you every night since we met. Please…" she gladly begged. She'd do whatever it took to feel him against her bare flesh. To feel his slightly roughened hands stroking her. Smiling, he began to pull her shirt up off of her body…
“What do you write?” Bram's voice pulled her away from her steamy fantasy.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60180-091-6
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 11/11/2009
Publisher: Mojocastle Press

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