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A Cajun Halloween

Cajun Heat: Book 4

Author(s): K.T. Bishop

Madison Banks was content with her life as a devoted wife and mother and loved living in New York City until she found out that one of her favorite childhood landmarks was about to be ripped from New Orleans.


The NFL decided to move the New Orleans Saints to Los Angeles because the city could no longer afford the team. Madison planned to help the residents fight and keep the team from leaving town. But the timing was off as her husband's company goes on strike leaving the family financially burdened. Now Madison has a choice to make. Will she find a way to make ends meet or lead a rally in New Orleans?

Excerpt: After dinner, Madison browsed through the internet to learn more about the Saints' departure. She sat alone in the den for some privacy. Her blue eyes glued in on the New Orleans Times, whose headline read: “Headed for Hollywood: L.A steals Saints.” She saw photos of angry fans outside the Superdome, who carried signs of support and protested the move. She turned on the audio.

“It makes no sense to take our team away,” an irate fan said.

I feel your pain. Deep down inside her soul, Madison understood. The Saints and Hornets were both her connection to the city, and tears burned down her cheeks over the betrayal. Her chest tightened as she leaned back in the chair.

Madison continued to read the online articles and read about the NFL's mid-season meeting would be held in New Orleans in October. Thoughts bubbled inside her head. “Maybe we can show them that the Saints still belong in New Orleans.”

“It looks like someone’s going back to New Orleans for Halloween,” Madison muttered to herself. She scrolled through the date book on the desk and circled the fourth week of October to take a trip to New Orleans. She needed a way to convince Gunner to spend part of his fall in the Deep South.

She crumpled into the seat and wore a mask of hurt. The NFL and Gunner both didn’t understand her plight, but the millions of New Orleans residents did. “They just sliced a piece of my heart.”

A return to the kitchen in a silent home hardly distracted Madison from the Saints’ crisis. The dirty plates, utensils, skillets and pots symbolized her dilemma. It was the scene where she and Gunner debated about the Saints during dinner. Her pride stood in the way of her asking Gunner to kitchen patrol. “I’m not ready to talk with him.”

Madison filled both sides of the sink with hot water and mixed in detergent and loaded the plates to her left under trembling fingers. She had to put the black skillet in both hands.

The nervousness still existed in Madison’s body, who twisted her head jerkily as she placed the pots and skillet into the cabinet to complete kitchen duty. Her forehead was now filled with perspiration. “I don’t sweat that much in a workout.”

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Date Published: 11/28/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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