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Adam and Eve

Author(s): Megan Rose

Friday night, are you ready for some fun?

Itís Friday night in The Cannery shopping mall. Bistro owner Adam is finally getting up the courage to go and see the owner of the nearby flower shop.

Will his curiosity finally be satisfied, or will Adam get more than he bargained for when he enters The Garden of Eden?



Eve saw the handsome stranger enter the shop and felt her fingers begin to tremble. What on earth did one do when faced with such a man?, she asked herself. She knew what she would like to do, but felt certain that leaping upon unassuming customers and making passionate love to them broke several rules of floristry, not to mention human rights. She felt like a nervous schoolgirl as again she caught his eye and a giddy fluttering somewhere in the pit of her stomach sprung to life.

ďCan I help you?Ē she asked him when he approached.

Itís always a good idea to find out the customerís needs, she told herself; although right now, all she could think about were her own needs. And they certainly did not include flowers!

The stranger smiled and Eve steadied herself against the tabletop. A smile like that should have some sort of warning imposed upon it: Danger, do not use this smile on unsuspecting women aged between eighteen and sixty-five. He had one of those amazing smiles that somehow made a handsome man even more gorgeous. And it reached his eyes too. How often did a man like that walk right into her shop?

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/11/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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