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Beta's Challenge

Seeley Creek Werewolves: Book 1

Author(s): Mildred Trent, Sandra Mitchell

Feeling as if love is a thing for those whom have no drive for success, Attorney Tara Bennett, one of the three most fearsome black female attorneys in Montana, has given up all hope of a ‘happily ever after.’

Having been and ousted by his pack for disagreeing with his alpha’s new mandates for pack growth, former Beta Gabriel Young sets out to find what he has always wanted and never thought could have--his Prima, the one and only female destined just for him.

Little do they know, Gabriel’s former alpha is seeking revenge. Will their love be strong enough stand the trials they must face to be together or will this be on challenge a Beta can’t win?



    The night was going along well. Tia, Toya and Tara had downed three drinks a piece and had literally, let their hair down, when Tara spotted the finest, no that does not quite describe the man correctly, the “FINEST” man she had ever seen in her life.

     He was six-five with the smoothest looking golden brown skin. Silver-gray eyes like you would see on a Siberian husky, accented by the bluest-black, waviest, most brilliant hair ever to grace a man’s head and face. His broad shoulders tapered down to a slim waist with thick muscular tree-trunk thighs. And that butt? Oh-my-gawd. The man had an ass that made you want to sit there all night bouncing quarters off it. Tara sat mesmerized, trying not to stare while fidgeting in her seat to stop the flow of juices from her sopping wet pussy from leaking down the barstool and pooling in a puddle on the floor beneath her.


     “Damn, do you see that pristine specimen standing across the room?” Tara asked Toya and Tia as she salivated in her drink.


     Taking an overly exaggerated interest, Tia sat straighter in her seat and looked around. “Where? Where? In what direction are you looking girl? Point him out,” Tia said reaching over to grab Tara’s upper arm and give it a little shake.


     “There,” Tara stated, as she pointed in the man’s direction.


     “Stop pointing you fool. That is so rude,” Toya remarked as she, too, looked in the direction Tara pointed.


     He stood on the other side of the dance floor, talking to two other equally attractive men. He looked around nonchalantly, and all of a sudden lifted his nose in the air as if scenting something. He looked around the crowded club then turned to her, those piercing eyes boring a hole right through her.


     “Shit, shit, shit,” Tara stated as she caught his gaze. Another flood of fluids rushed to her already sopping wet slit and she, not able to sit still any longer, jumped off the bar stool and made a beeline to the ladies room, literally pushing everyone in her path out of the way.


     Tia and Toya looked at Tara as if she had lost her mind.


     “What the hell is wrong with her?” Tia asked Toya as they watched Tara practically bowl over anyone in her way as she made her way to the bathroom.


     “The hell if I know but if they don’t get out of her way, we are going to have a riot in here because she ain’t taking no prisoners,” Toya said chuckling at the sight of her friend bulldozing her way to the bathroom.


     As soon as Tara hit the bathroom door, she rushed to the sink and turned the cold water on high. She splashed her face several times, but the water didn’t seem to cool her heated flesh so she wet several paper towels then went into a stall.


     Tara removed her panties and used the cool paper towels to cool her overheated pussy. She sat on the toilet with the cool paper towels for what seemed like forever until her body temperature regulated to her satisfaction. Looking at her panties, her mind went back to the reason she was in this stall with, now hot, paper towels still held against her pussy and her drenched panties lying on the floor.


     “What the hell got into me?” Laughing to herself, she dropped the paper towels in the toilet, flushed, grabbed the panties off the floor and exited the stall. Going to the trash receptacle, she tossed the panties then returned to the sink. She washed her hands and splashed more cool water on her face, staring at herself in the mirror and wondering what she would do if she saw the man up close.


     If seeing him from afar had this much of an effect on her, seeing him up close would cause spontaneous combustion. Chuckling to herself, she dried her hands, threw the paper towels in the trash, then she headed back to the door. She opened the door and took one step out. When she looked up, it was into silver-gray eyes and a beautiful, perfect white set of teeth showing through the most sensually lush lips.


     “Hi beautiful. My name is Gabriel, Gabriel Young.”

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Date Published: 09/15/2011
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