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Blood Red

Chronicles of the Cursed: Book 1

Author(s): Aline de Chevigny

Having gained power over the houses, and enforced the laws that kept both his kind and the humans safe. Mikael wanted nothing more than a little something for himself. He wanted love... he wanted Annabella Micelli. His one weakness. 

Annabella, was trying desperately to keep her relationship with Mikael strictly business. But the damn man called her to him like a moth to a flame. She knew to answer that call would burn her and she just didn’t care. Will she give in to his call?

Stacking her papers in a pile, she shoved them angrily into her briefcase. “I may as well go to the office and get some work done.” She stormed out of the study and headed for the front door.

Warm hands enveloped her from behind. Her hand fell away from the door handle and a sharp cry of fear rose in her throat. “Shhh, mi Bella, I just wished to leave you with a parting gift. Seal our bargain with a kiss, if you will.”

Warm lips traveled along her neck, up behind her ear. She felt his teeth gently nipping her skin, never once drawing blood. The sensations overwhelmed her and her body went limp in his arms. Her anger forgotten for the moment, she reveled in his touch. Annabella cursed in frustration and turned in his arms, her mouth searching for his. The desire to feel his lips against hers coursed through her like lightning. She could feel the moment Mikael gave in to her demanding kiss; his body shook with the effort of keeping his fangs retracted.

She pulled away from the kiss, gasping for breath. Victory surged through her: she’d made him lose control. Her father had explained this feeling to her. He’d told her it was a once in a lifetime experience that would make all other triumphs pale in comparison, but would be well worth the victory. She knew what would happen next, or what should happen if Mikael was being truthful about what he wished from her.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0268-1
Date Published: 03/07/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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