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Doctor For Christmas, A

Author(s): K.T. Bishop

Stoney Griffin, an aspiring med student at Vanderbilt University, spends the Christmas holidays working part-time at Volunteer Records. Along his journey, he meets and falls in love with Penny Carlisle, a young Country Music diva.

Will Penny give the future doctor the time of day?

Stoney strode through the glassed door of Volunteer Records oozing with infectious energy. He was five minutes early to work at the home for country music records. “I can't believe I'm in a record studio.”

The woman at the desk with silver name plate, Julie Bowen, correctly assumed the man was Stoney.
“You must be Mr. Griffin.”

“Yes, I'm Stoney Griffin,” he said candidly. He handed Kim his resume, extended his right hand and she shook it.

Kim stepped from behind her desk and escorted Stoney down the hall to his work area. “We just moved in this building. We've got boxes of discs and the owner wants them in alphabetical order.”

“I can handle that,” Stoney said confidently. His eyes gazed at the glassed frame of records on the walls.

She opened the door to the empty studio, and pointed to the boxes in the corner. “I'll let you get started. If there's anything you need, pick up the phone and dial zero.”

“I sure will,” Stoney said candidly. “Thanks for everything.”

“You're welcome,” Kim said. She left the room and headed back to her desk.

Within an hour, Stoney went through two boxes of CDs. He reached the box labeled C. His black eyes were glued onto Penny Carlisle's CD, which had the dark-haired beautiful Caucasian's body stretched on the beach in a bikini beside a blue-striped beach ball. “I'd love to be that ball.”

“It'd be cool if I met her.” He refocused and reverted back to the filing. He didn't intend to get star struck, but one glance at Penny forever changed his perspective. He was in love.

Suddenly, the doorknob slowly turned and Penny was on the other end. She spoke in a honey-sweet voice. “Excuse me; I didn't know anyone was in here.”

All Stoney could do was stare at the country music diva with his mouth gaped open and his heart fluttered. 

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0247-6
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 01/03/2013
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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