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Dreams of Chimborazo

Author(s): Leigh Barbour

What happens when you want to travel but end up in the past? Can you find happy every after or will the Land of Dixie pass you by?

Evelyn Randolph lives in present-day Richmond, Virginia and has a pseudo-tumor in her brain. She begins to see Ravenel Morrissette, who is in 1864 Richmond.

While Ravenel is busy trying to get the Yankees out of Virginia, Evie, a genealogist, begins to see him. He's always in a Confederate uniform so she reasons he's a Civil War re-enactor. The problem is they live in two worlds - he lives in 1864 and she lives in 2007.




"Madam, you look as if I've startled you." He took a step toward me.

He was tall and his shoulders wide. "No, it's just that I thought I recognized you."

"That is hardly possible since I certainly would have remembered being presented to a lady such as yourself." From under his hat I could make out that his lips were plump and were a dark cranberry color. His long blond hair hung down just below his collar, but I still couldn't see his eyes. There was something familiar about him.

"Thank you for coming. You re-enactors really made the reunion a success."

"Re-enactors?" He repeated the word slowly and deliberately as if he'd never heard it before.

I gave him a stare then I felt myself giggle. "Well, I assume you're a re-enactor since I imagine you don't usually go around dressed like that," I said hoping he'd laugh too.

"I was injured and I've been recuperating here."

"In MCV?" Saying the name of the hospital where I had the MRI reminded me of my pseudo tumor. Luckily, after a week or two on the medication, the headaches had gone away.

"I've never heard of that facility. I've been in Chimborazo." He gestured toward the empty field.

"Chimborazo?" It was the park a few blocks away where I usually saw my mirage and my mystery man. The sun seemed to beat down even harder. I pulled the hat off and fanned myself.

He gasped. "You," he spit out. He bent over and studied my face as if he were a scientist and I was a rare specimen.

"I really must go." This guy was too weird for me.

Luckily I heard the band player louder and through the loudspeaker I heard the caller start the Virginia Reel.

"I'm sorry, but I really need to get back." I left the paper plate lying on the street. I'd get it later.

Now he stared at me like he recognized my face from a wanted poster.

I tried to ignore his gawking. "Again, thank you for coming today. It meant so much to the McGuires."

I was about to turn to go when he extended his hand. "Please permit me to introduce myself. I am Captain Morrissette."

Reluctantly I held my hand out. They had been good enough to volunteer themselves for the reunion.

He latched onto my fingers and pulled me to him. I was about to push him away when I felt a magnetic masculinity emanating from him. Then he pulled my hand to his lips. "Mon cherie, je t'aime."

I didn't know much French, but I understood that. He was some kind of weirdo and I had an odd attraction to him.

His lips were warm and succulent against the back of my hand. "I am mesmerized by your beauty." He seemed to tremble as he studied my face.

I still had the feeling as if I'd met him before. I pulled my hand back. He intrigued me, but a man who says he loves you after knowing you for less than five minutes was too strange for me. I turned and took off across the street half way hoping he'd chase me, but a man like that could only be trouble.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-030-2
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 12/27/2007
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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