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Author(s): Viviane Brentanos

Twenty-three-year-old Isabella Stevens is too young to be tired of life. Her job as a holiday representative for the prestigious Dream Villas located on the beautiful Greek island of Kuros has provided her nothing but grief. Demanding, unreasonable guests and a cantankerous boss pale in comparison to the problems she has with her love life. After 12 years as Paul's childhood sweetheart, she's learned the hard way he's moved on.

Charismatic, handsome actor, David Wells is a man on top of the world. At least that's what the casual observer would think. When he escapes his crumbling marriage on a Kuros vacation, he's no idea what's in store. A rocky first meeting does nothing to dissuade him from his attraction to the beautiful Izzie Stevens, a young woman with a mysterious air of pain in her eyes. For David, the emotional battle is equally daunting. Finally free of his wife's hold on him, he is frightened by his new vulnerability and love for Izzie. But can David open the door to Izzie's heart when tragedy shakes her world apart?



So, Miss Stevens, Hows life treating you? Are you still working for Dream? His low, modulated actors voice filtered out from behind the galley.

No. Izzie folded her arms. They fired me. Just after you leftafter you left me. A cup crashed down on to a saucer and she jumped. She noted his

hand shook. But to her surprise, he chuckled.

Oh, how easy it is to distort history. Still, I suppose I do owe you an apology. I presume they got rid of you on account of our little fling? Is that why youre herefor compensation? Ill see what I can do. I think theres a few million still in my account.

How can you even think that? Izzie gasped. Do you think Id put a price on what we shared? I dont care about the bloody job! I wouldnt change anything and it wasnt just a flingat least not to me.

Bravo! What a touching little speech and so eloquently delivered. His back was turned, but Izzie read the tension in his shoulders.

So why did you come?

To say sorryfor hurting you.

His laughter reached out and slapped her in the face.

God, youre priceless! Now why on earth would you think you hurt me? As I said, it was a fling. Get over it! I have. Actually, sod the tea. I need a drink.

Izzie watched as he reached in the back of the cupboard and pulled out a dusty bottle of burgundy.

Sorry, Im all out of Krug today. Well have to slum it.

David, please Izzie hated the desperation in her voice but his vicious words cut her heart in two and she struggled against tears. Dont be like this

And what would this be exactly? He walked out of the kitchen carrying two glasses. He stood so close she could smell the apple scent of his shampoo. She felt herself drowning as his eyes probed hers, dark and cautious but devoid of the love that had once lived there. His masculinity threatened her and yet every fiber in her body tingled. She longed to reach out and touch him, to have him hold her close and tell her everything would be OK.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 04/22/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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