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Author(s): Teresa Federici

Anna Greer is a quiet microbiologist with her feet planted firmly in reality. Her life gets turned upside down when she finally meets her elusive employer, Gareth Macgregor. Gareth is mysterious, sexy, powerful…and a vampire.

Soon she's drawn into a world she only thought was mythical, creatures and beings that existed only in nightmares that turn out to be very real.

Anna and Gareth are drawn together in a fight for their lives and Anna finds that there is a part of her that has lain dormant since her childhood, a power that could save them, or mark them for death.

Gareth’s powerful enemy would stop them from finding what Gareth has been trying to find for centuries—a cure for vampirism and a love that transcends time.





Then he was in the room, a tall, achingly gorgeous presence, and I had to resist the urge to fling myself at him.

 He was dressed for work, with black trousers and a white shirt that was unbuttoned at the neck, the tie pulled loose as if he’d been choking on it. His black hair was messy, most likely from his hands running through it, and he had on his brown contacts, which I was really starting to dislike. It seemed with those in, I couldn’t see the real Gareth.

 “Are you sure you want to see the real Gareth?” he said, his voice somber, and it didn’t bother me that he was in my thoughts. All walls were down between us, and it seemed as though he have given up hiding. I nodded, mute. My brain was in overdrive but I couldn’t voice any of the thoughts that were in it.

 “It’s not something that I wanted you to even know about. I shouldn’t even be here, but when you didn’t show up for work, I went to your house and you still weren’t there, I thought…” he trailed off, and looked down at the floor.

 I just kept staring at him, not sure what I wanted him to say, but I knew I didn’t want to hear from him anymore about staying away from me. That was not flying with me.

 His head snapped up at my thoughts, and he looked angry.

 “You don’t know what you’re asking for. Do you realize what I am?” he said, his voice a growl. I nodded, feeling calmer by the second. I stood my ground. I wanted him, no matter what he was, no matter what he’d done, no matter anything.

 With a true growl he crossed the room and was in front of me, faster than any human, his left hand under my chin, angling my head so that my neck was exposed.

 I stared up at him, my eyes boring into his. I felt no fear, I knew he wouldn’t hurt me, I knew with a certainty he was just trying to scare me, but the sight of those long canine teeth sent a thrill through me, as if I wanted him to bite me, to turn me into what he was.

 “That’s not what you want, Anna, don’t say that.” He whispered, horror in his voice. The teeth retracted, the anger went out of his eyes, and he dropped his hand from my neck.

 “I didn’t say anything at all. You were in my head.” I said, finding my voice, and I ground out the words. All of a sudden, I was livid. Who was he to put himself in my path, haunt my nights, tempt me with his sadness and beauty, and then tell me to stay away?

Without thinking what I was doing, I pushed him hard in the chest, and he stumbled back, shock now showing on his face, whether it was because I managed to knock him off balance or just the fact that I would hit him, I didn’t care. Pain rain up both my arms from the shock of striking a chest that was like granite, but it only fueled my anger.


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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0009-0
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 12/18/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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