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Fellorian Resurrection

The Fellorians Series: Book 2

Author(s): Megan Rose

The Fellorians: a new breed of vampire, a new breed of passion

The newly formed Trinity of Fellorian vampires have their first mission together in the mortal world: Return the Merlone Dagger to the realm of Felloria. However, newly rejuvenated vampire Arrbern has a more personal mission. He needs to reunite with the beautiful woman from his past life: in 1815. With a lost love and more dangerous enemies to face, will the Fellorians ever be returned to their homeland?



onsuming Valendera's tainted blood had been the Fellorian's only hope of saving themselves and others from the evil grip of the once High Priestess. Though the blood that flowed through his veins was now something that prevented him from returning to Felloria, it did give him the opportunity to show himself to the sweetly innocent female, who had captured his immortal soul so long ago. Returning to her again would give him a beautiful reprieve before he was needed to fight whatever demons were now at the heels of The Trinity.

Standing in the grounds of her country house moments ago, Arrbern had seen the open window and had known that she was waiting for him. He knew that her desire burned as strong as his did, yet his hideous appearance had always prevented him from exposing her to a mating with a monstrous creature of the night. Now he could go to her, whole and rejuvenated, strong and masculine. Tonight he would be the lover that he knew she longed for. Tonight it would be his hands, not her own that brought her to a delicious climax. It would be his body that would awaken her to the pleasures of the flesh.

Flying up to her bedroom, he had waited for her eyes to close and her body to relax into slumber. But tonight, though she closed her eyes, Isabella did not fall asleep. Arrbern could sense a restlessness within her, which in turn seemed to fuel his own desire, a desire so strong that he fought to keep his hands off her. Through the white fabric of her nightgown, Arrbern noticed her dark nipples, erect and proud. She had turned down the bedcovers, revealing more of her slim form to his greedy eyes.

The thin cotton of her gown rested upon her firm thighs, which led up to a promisingly dark mound that Arrbern could barely keep his eyes from. His hand hovered briefly above her stomach and breasts, as he fought the desire to touch her. Just the mere thought of laying his skin against hers, made Arrbern harden with a ferocity that startled him. It was at that precise moment that her emerald green eyes met his for the very first time.

Her lips, luscious and full, smiled at him, revealing her pleasure at the sight of him. Arrbern was relieved; he could not have borne her distaste for his previous state. Now he could show her the full force of his masculinity. Now he could truly make her, his own. She was like him, he knew, a creature of darkness. How else could he have travelled across time and space as he had done with her? How else could he have carried this desire, this need within him for so long, if she were not one of his own kind?

The thought sent another rush of blood to his already hardening length. How he longed to bury himself deep within this beautiful creature before him. Bury himself, cock, heart and soul. Such as his soul was. He wanted to belong to her, and she to him. Tonight he would make her his and they would forevermore walk the path of the undead. The path that would, he hoped, eventually lead him back home, to his beloved Felloria.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-312-9
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 05/07/2009
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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