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Forever Yours

Author(s): M.A. Gonzales

Can Maria do something that will free her from her life of bondage and what is expected of her?

Her whole life Maria has done what was expected of her. Her mother had certain rules for her and she had followed those rules. She had married the right man, gone to the right schools, and chose the right profession but when Maria’s divorce strikes the seemingly happy home no one is more shocked then Maria. Especially, when Mark tells her he never really loved her.

On impulse and wanting to break free from the chains that are binding her to a life she doesn’t want, Maria quits school and her job. She goes to stay with her grandmother and her sister in Tuscany, Italy. She has no intention of coming back.

She is reacquainted with her childhood friend, Gabriel who also runs his family’s vineyard. The passion is hot and the heat scorching as Gabriel brings an intense passion from Maria. A passion she didn’t know she had.

Come journey with Maria as she comes into her own. Be with her as she discovers love, passion, and lust for life. Come with her, as she discovers life and love in Forever Yours.

Warning this title includes strong sexual content and brief adult language.




Grazie.” He folded the menu and handed it to the waiter. He looked at Maria and smiled at the look on her face. “What are you thinking?”

“Nothing.” She picked up her wine glass smiling in return. “What do you do?”

She sipped the delicious wine glancing around the square. A small dark haired little girl chased pigeons, her mother behind her laughing as she chatted in Italian with the man next to her. There were street magicians in red berets and random bursts of applause filled the air. She looked back to Gabriel and wondered why she hadn’t had more moments like this one back in the States.

“I run the vineyard.” He sat back in the white, cast iron chair. “My father retired from the grapes about five years ago. I took his place.”

“What about David?” She brushed her hair from her face, flirting unconsciously.

“David is a business man.” Gabriel shook his head. “David has never had passion for the grapes. You see, with the grapes, you have to be flexible, relaxed.

You have to take things as they come and be prepared for anything. David is all about order and schedules. He has to know what is going to happen and when so he can logically think through and take the proper action.” His eyes locked with hers. In that moment Maria found it incredibly hard to breathe. “In the wine business you have to go by your intuition. It‘s like dealing with a woman.” He reached out and took her hand in his own.

“Is that so?” she asked, never taking her eyes from his.

“Yes.” He didn’t take his eyes from hers and he noticed the flame of passion and desire coming to life in those beautiful emerald green eyes. He turned her hand over tracing his index finger over the center of her palm. Maria felt a lurch of excitement in the pit of her stomach. “Sometimes you have to go by instinct.”

She brought the crystal glass to her lips and sipped the wine slowly. “Is that right?”

God, she couldn’t take her eyes off those sensuously full lips. She found herself wondering how those strong lips would feel on her bare skin, what his mouth would feel like if he were to suck her nipple into its warmth. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she felt her thighs growing hot from her wicked thoughts.

“Of course.” He turned her hand back over and brought it up to his mouth. “A woman must be coaxed and romanced. A man must let her know she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.”

Maria almost groaned out loud when she felt his teeth skim across her knuckles. She cleared her throat, smiling shyly. “Gabriel, are you trying to seduce me?”

“Do you want me to seduce you?” His voice was very soft and extremely seductive.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-062-3
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/24/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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