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Frozen Hearts

Ice Wolves Series: Book 2

Author(s): E.W. Walsh

Wolf of the Frozen Sea (Book 1 in the Ice Wolves Series) is included in A Special Christmas Anthology
Elisa is a devoted scientist. She loves the company of her wolves but longs for the touch of human love.

Playboy Nik has a secret. A secret that keeps him apart from humans, especially the beautiful scientist that stole his heart…

The wolf pack is in danger from poachers, can Elisa and Nik work together to save the wolves while mending their hearts…


Nik sensed a danger in the night, jarring him from a restful sleep created in part by Elisa’s presence near him soothing his normally restless nature. His connection to this land echoed in his mind and the voice of a creature he hadn’t spoken to in years. The Great Spirit wolf and his clan of wandering souls approached the facility at a great speed from their nightly hunt. Elisa studied this pack intently over the last two years; but in all the time, the leader never reached out to Nik as a guardian of the ice fields. Since leaving his clan, Nik assumed his services were no longer valued by the deity.

The leader’s voice reverberated in his mind, a clear warning to take the tiny human female to a safer location. There were hunters coming after the pack and would stop at nothing in their evil quest to gain the pelts of the pack. Nothing, including harming Elisa. Pain squeezed his heart at the thought of her injured or worse. Glancing slightly over his shoulder, he focused on her face, serene with sleep. Hanging his head, he looked at his injured side and allowed his natural healing ability to ease the injured ribs and bruising. It would be easier to explain the miraculously healed injury then to convince the strong-headed female to leave her wolves. The rustle behind him warned his companion roused from sleep as well.
“Sorry, did I wake you Elisa?” Nik’s voice sounded gruff from the use of his powers to heal, having been years since using the talent. He turned to see her worried expression, eyes trained on the tiny telltale sign of other humans near.

“That is a campfire! This is protected land. No one should be here camping,” she bit out. Her shoulders straightened with anger and nose crinkled in the cutest way causing Nik to turn his head before she saw his instant smile. “Nik! Oh my, they have to be up to no good! The authorities told me to watch for poachers. You don’t think they are after my wolves, do you?”

Nik could not help but smile broader at her statement. He loved it when she said “her” wolves. She devoted herself to this pack as if it were her own kin. His impression of humans changed over the last year knowing Elisa. Before, he thought all humans monsters with no regard for the delicate balance of nature. Now, he knew only some of the species poised a real threat to animals, and to themselves.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-4543-0193-6
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 05/31/2012
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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