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Her Older Younger Man

Vamping with Jayne Series

Author(s): Cooper McKenzie

Spin-off of Vamping With Jayne Series

Anna Monroe needed a man. At 42 she was too busy working two jobs to pay off the past to go out and look for one. She'd just about given up when he walked in the bar where she worked nights. But he was too young and beautiful for her. It was his birthday, but Sebastian Randolph was looking for a reason not to stake himself. He never thought he'd find it in a neighborhood bar in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Could he convince Anna to love a 133-year-old vampire physician who was deathly allergic to sunlight?



Anna Monroe felt her orgasm building.  “Please, oh please, give it to me,” she pleaded with the pink vibrator humming between her legs.

Twisting the base to high, she fucked it in and out of her cunt harder and faster, trying to capture the elusive orgasm.  It had been months since she’d felt a release and she ached for it. 

She masturbated twice daily, at least, but nothing helped.  When her fingers alone no longer shot her to completion, she’d started using a vibrator and then more.  These days, even using every trick she could think of, she could not find the physical and emotional satisfaction only a great orgasm offered. Even now the hovering tidal wave retreated instead of rolling over her.

Growling with frustration she jerked the thrumming vibrator from her sopping, swollen cunt and threw it across the room.  An apple green anal plug followed seconds later.  Curling into a ball in the middle of her bed, she began to cry.  She needed a man to help her fuck away stress, tension and the feeling that she teetered on the edge of insanity.

She needed a man.

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Genre: Romance
Date Published: 07/01/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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