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Realm of Dreams

Author(s): Shelly Turner

She's in love and he's the man of your dreams—literally.

Kerri Carter had always perceived herself as a strong and knowledgeable woman, but not these days. Her dreams interfere with her reality. Lust and desire torments her very being. She would do anything to stay in the world where Ridge Thompson devours her body on a nightly basis. However, it was impossible unless she remained asleep for eternity.

Upon Ridge's disappearance from her dreams she finally is able to move on with her life. Her need for him dissipates with each passing day. His promise to return to her meant nothing, especially since he was no more than a made up fantasy. That's until Ridge Thompson enters her life again, but this time she's not asleep. Kerri struggles with the reality of Ridge being a mortal man. That's until that he can enter the dreams of people who are meant to be close to him and was testing out the relationship he was supposed to have with her.

Ridge and Kerri find themselves tangled in a Realm of Dreams that becomes a reality filled with passion, love and desire or does it?



Kerri lifted Ridge's shirt over his head and ran her fingers over the ripples of his abs. His body was bronzed to perfection, his muscles taut. Long blond hair rested against his shoulders. She ran soft kisses down his chest, her face growing wet with the tears she attempted to hold back.

His hot skin felt wonderful against her hands. She unbuttoned his jeans, revealing his hardened member that awaited her attention. She stroked him slowly, watching his reaction. He held his head high, eyes closed as he groaned softly. Heat coursed through her.

Ridge quickly lifted her into his arms, devouring her lips with his. His kiss was hard and deliciously painful. Excitement filtered through her as he leaned her against the wall, removing her jeans. She rested her arms around his neck.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-617-5
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 02/11/2010
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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