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Slice of Life, A

Author(s): Spike Fremont

Is the predator in you ready for this?

Sitting at home and noodling on the computer can be innocent... but, sometimes it isn't. This story is an example, told through IM's, of when things go wrong... or right.

Read it and be the judge of who is the predators and who is the victims. Are you up to it?

This story is set in cyberspace, anytime. The lack of exact setting is a nod to the romantic's concept of separation of time and space. It's about predators online in the chat rooms of the internet, and it has a twist – sometimes the predator isn't who you expect it to be. The main characters are nameless, labeled "he", "she" and "they." The epistolary nature of the narrative draws the reader in.



Oh, that was brilliant, just brilliant. Running to the bathroom to brush her teeth, thinking it may freshen her brain she took a quick look in the mirror. Noticing her hair up in a Pebbles style ponytail and with no makeup, she realized how pale and, bedraggled she appeared. Who would love her looking like this in a society governed by appearance?

Putting on lipstick and quickly taking a second look, that's better. She did not think about the fact that it was chat and he couldn't see her. Always concerned with her appearance, this opportunity to flirt with a man without being objectified was liberating. The freedom to be herself without being judged by her appearance was a strange, new feeling for her. She loved it.

She raced back to the computer, scared he'd leave if she stayed away too long. Now that she had him to talk with, she didn't want to lose him. Not this one. This one she wanted to play with.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-071-5
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 04/10/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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