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Tainted Blood

Sisters of Element: Book 1

Author(s): Raven Starr

Kali Myer has given up on life. Ever since she was five years old, she changed foster homes, always the misfit, the outcast, the intruder. All she truly wants is to find her family and to a place to belong.

After walking home from a horror movie with her friend Tavia one night, she was attacked by what she thought was an ordinary timber wolf. Days after the attack, Kali's whole world changed.

With her trusty dark-witch and roommate named Skyla, the women battle forces of the unknown looking for the were-wolf that started it all. They're looking for the one with Tainted Blood....

Will they find the 'Tainted Blood' or will he find them?



Zora laughed.

Kali ignored Zora annoying laughter as she hauled back and kicked the woman in the face. "Light's out." Kali smiled as the woman's head bounced from the tip of her shoe and landed heavily on the ground. Hearing Zora's clapping made her turn around. "Looks like it's just you and me now, Zora, old girl." Kali stepped over the unconscious woman but she left enough space for a decent head-start back to the cabin.

"Smart little shit, you think you've out-foxed me." Zora said in a shrill voice.

Kali didn't answer; she kept her eyes fixed on Zora's jerky movements. She could see the anger boiling underneath her skin causing her veins to appear black.

"I know who's at the cabin, Kali, a scared little witch crying in the night."

Oh no, she found, Skyla. I've got to get to her. Kali tried not to show the emotion running amuck throughout her core.

"Sebastian told us about the little witch himself. Don't you think if he truly cared about you he would have kept that tiny bit of information?" Zora smiled as the tides turned in her favor. "You have lived long past your purpose now you must die." Swiftly, Zora leaped over her fallen companion and tackled Kali to the ground. Kali winced in pain, doing her best to stop the barrage of attacks. She shrieked as Zora's talons dug deep her flesh.

"My pack has weakened you. You've taken them on just as I expected you would." Zora cackled as she punched Kali full in the face.

Kali's world shifted for a second. This was her final moment. Zora was right, she was spent and her last reserve of energy was depleting rapidly. The ground underneath the two women trembled and began to shift beneath their weigh.

"What the hell is this?" Zora sat back on her hunches with a puzzled look on her face.

Kali mustered up some strength and kicked Zora away from her.

"It's not what the hell is it; it's who the hell it is. Back off my sister you fuzzy bitch!" Skyla yelled as she emerged from the trees, her arm out-stretched.

Kali rolled to one side and started to stand; Skyla raced to her, put a free hand underneath her forearm and pulled Kali to her feet.

"Thanks," Kali smiled. "What took you so long?" She spat blood on the dirt and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

Skyla shot her a fervent glance. "Long? I had to waste time tracking your messes making sure you killed them all," Skyla began.

Kali noticed a purple bruise forming around her right eye. "I had a run-in with your boyfriend and let me tell you next time I see him," she punched her hand. "I'm gonna make him witach!"

"That's great but we gotta deal with her first." Kali nodded towards Zora.

Zora flipped up, snarling. "I'll feast on the flesh from both your bones before this night is through!"

The sisters looked at each other and then it Zora's direction.

"Do you wanna do this or shall I?" Skye mimicked her mature older sister.

Kali waved her hand dismissively. "Go right ahead."

"Ha! You send a teen-witch to do your dirty work, so you don't have the balls to face me alone." Zora laughed wickedly.

Skyla stood in front of Kali, cast her head over shoulder to see Kali nod and then turned back to Zora. "I am neither a teen nor just a mere witch." Skye said nastily.

"I don't care what you think you are. You are a child in my eyes." Zora bellowed each word dripped with malicious intent. Zora sneered and leaped to grab Skyla.

Skyla made a gesture as if she were scooping up fresh dirt and the earth sprung up and encased Zora's moving limbs.

"What the" Zora exclaimed in disbelief.

"I'm half witch and half-elemental." Skyla squeezed her hand into a fist and rock cuffs on Zora's wrists and ankles tightened.

"I bet Sebastian didn't tell you that now, did he?" Kali asked over Skyla's shoulder.

Zora's struggled against her bounds but didn't answer.

"Skyla, finish this." Kali said as she started to walk away.

"Okay," Skye replied happily. With a wave of her hand the bounds on Zora crumbled like dry dirt. Zora hit the ground with a thud. She sprung up and laughed hysterically.

"You can't hold me, girl. I'm free..."

Zora didn't get the chance to finish her sentence as two boulders collided into her head simultaneously smashing it open like a rotten tomato. The headless body flopped around before collapsing in a bloody heap on the ground.

"That was pretty cool." Kali smiled, leaning against a tree.

"Yeah it was, huh?" Skyla ducked under Kali's arm to help support her weight.

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