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Tempting Rachel

Author(s): Nicole L. Pierce


Run! Run as fast as you can Rachel before the evil finds you!

Rachel McKenzie is on the run and the stakes have never been higher. Having just escaped from an abusive spouse, she's hell bent on protecting herself and all she holds dear. The elusive Rachel may be brave, but she's also vulnerable and destitute.

Matthew Steele is a wealthy philanthropist known for his work to help stop domestic violence, but he's no stranger to heartache. His current life is full of challenges and his past has left him emotionally scarred.

When the handsome and mysterious Matthew sets out to hire a new live-in caregiver for his autistic sister, falling in love is the furthest thing from his mind. But then he meets Rachel. Although he's initially determined to deny his attraction to her and to keep her at arms length, Rachel's innocent and unwitting sensuality proves to be irresistibly tempting. As the couple becomes closer, they forge a caring friendship fueled by an undercurrent of unspoken desire.

Will Rachel and Matthew forever deny their feelings, or will they give in to passion?



Rachel Mackenzie, you've really done it now. She stared down at her husband's unconscious form. The chair she'd hit Gavin with now lay alongside him, in pieces. He'd fallen over his gun, the barrel sticking halfway out. She lunged for it, then halted when he stirred and mumbled curses. The choice between the gun and freedom was a no-brainer. In the year he'd held her captive, this had been her only chance of escape. Free of her chains, she turned and dashed from the hated trailer, hoping Gavin didn't recover too soon.

Beyond a muddy yard, lay a cluster of oak trees that formed a natural shelter. She hadn't seen the property since the day she'd arrived, and didn't know where to go, but it didn't really matter. Anyplace beat her prison. Forcing one foot in front of the other, she broke into a run. Her pregnancy made it difficult, but also spurred her on. If she didn't get away, Gavin would kill her, or worse, the baby.

Day faded to dusk and miraculously Gavin hadn't come after her. As the red sun sank in the darkening sky, Rachel heard the sound of cars and cried for joy. With a final burst of speed, she reached a highway, collapsing on it's grassy shoulder. Cars zoomed past her, but either the driver's didn't see her or didn't want to stop for a barefoot, muddy, pregnant woman. As vehicles ruthlessly ignored her, she started panicking. Did nobody care? Couldn't anyone see her distress? Weak, but desperate, she sat up and forced a thumb in the air and waited..., waited..., waited...

An eternity later, a van pulled to the side of the road. A husky, gray haired man, wearing thick spectacles, advanced towards her. Through blurry eyes, she saw that the man wore a priest's collar. Rachel called out to him, not sure her words made sense.

The man knelt beside her, his silver eyes glimmering with kindness. As he passed her a bottle of water, he asked, “What happened to you?”

Rachel stumbled over words, offering a short summary of her life with and escape from Gavin.

In the midst of her tale, the man helped her to her feet and opened the door to his van. “I'm Father Michael from St. Vincent's Parish,” he said, as he drove through sparse traffic. “I can give you temporary housing. I run a shelter for domestically abused women. Would you like to join me for supper?”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-219-1
Genre: Romance
Date Published: 10/09/2008
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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