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Riding Lessons

Author(s): Amelia Elias

Pampered, rich, and bored. Those three words pretty much sum up Olivia's life. Turning the big 3-0 is just the icing on the cake. Is she really going to live her entire life playing it safe, or does she dare to make a change and shake things up a bit? Deciding to buy a Harley seems like the perfect first step on the road to independence, and it gives her the excuse to indulge the leather fetish she's repressed for so many years. But when she sets eyes on Jake, the sexy hunk selling the bike she wants, she dares to reach for more…

Praise for Riding Lessons

"When these two finally go all the way, Ms. Elias doesn't disappoint. The sex is explosive and the ending highly satisfying and believable."

5 Crowns! -- Scarlet, Realms of Love

"Amelia Elias' Riding Lessons is a wonderful high-speed erotic roller coaster. I could not put this story down."
5 Tattoos! -- Ophelia, Erotic Escapades


Riding Lessons
Amelia Elias
Second Edition
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2014 by Amelia Elias
An Authorized Excerpt

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Creak… rattle. Creak… rattle. Creak…

Jake looked up from the engine before him and turned toward the open garage door. Either the ghost of Jacob Marley was paying him a visit out-of-season or he was about to meet a new customer.

A slight figure paused at the threshold, briefly silhouetted against the light as a taxi drove away behind her.

He just barely bit back a laugh. Oh, yeah. A very, very new customer.

The woman held a white bubble-head helmet under one arm, the same model the highway patrol's motorcycle cops used from the looks of it. She stepped forward and the same creak… rattle started again, this time punctuated with the sharp, metallic rap of her stiletto heels on the concrete garage floor.

And every inch of her was covered in leather.

Jake leaned an elbow on the tank of the bike and looked her up and down, grinning. Those stiletto boots were capped with pointed steel toes and clinked with buckles and chains. She wore fringed leather chaps… over her leather pants. More studs traced intricate paths over the shoulders and down the arms of her full-weight leather jacket, and he'd never seen so many chains on a garment that wasn't issued by the Bureau of Corrections. Her small hands were encased in fringed gloves with a row of studs along the knuckles. A Harley-Davidson bandana was knotted around her neck like a bandito's. The point of the bandana just touched the vee of the leather vest she wore beneath the jacket, and another bandana covered her hair.

She shifted under his gaze and he raised his eyes to her face, still grinning. A few blonde curls peeked out from beneath the bandana, wisping over her pink cheeks, and her baby blue eyes were hesitant as they held his. She might as well have tattooed "newbie" on her forehead.

"Boy, did they ever see you coming, sweetheart," Jake murmured. "Leathers R Us having a sale?"

She blushed but didn't drop her eyes. "I'm here for the Fat Boy you advertised in the paper. I want to buy it."

Jake raised an eyebrow and took in her outfit again. If she'd ever touched a motorcycle in her life, he'd eat that hideous helmet of hers and smile. "Unless you're buying it as a gift, I don't think so."

Her chin inched up another notch. "You're selling," she persisted. "I want to buy. Just tell me the price and I'll take it home."

He shook his head and straightened to his full height. "You ever ridden a bike before, princess?"

Those blue eyes flashed at the nickname. "I can ride a bicycle, yes."

Heaven help us. "A Harley ain't a bicycle," he said. "It's big and heavy and doesn't care if it falls on you and takes your legs off. You can't just buy one and ride it home."

She reached into one of the many pockets of her jacket and pulled out a checkbook -- black leather and connected to its pocket by a silver chain. This time the urge to laugh was even harder to stifle. When this chick went overboard, she really went overboard. That kind of dedication was almost commendable.

"That's really not your problem," she said firmly. "Your job is to name your price and give me a receipt."

Jake crossed his arms and shook his head again, impressed by her determination despite himself. "Listen, I don't want to get a rep as the guy who sold a sweet little girl a Fat Boy that turned her into road hash ten minutes later. I've got a Sportster in the back. Wanna look at that instead?"

At the words sweet little girl, she flipped the checkbook closed and glared at him. "What is it with you men, anyway?" she snapped. One wave of her hand took in the entire outfit, from the Harley-branded bandana to her steel-clad toes. "Do sweet little girls dress like this in your world?"

Ahh. He relaxed, finally catching on. If this was just about the Fat Boy, his description of her wouldn't have so obviously hit a nerve. "Let's start over," he offered, crossing to her with three long strides. "Why don't you tell me why you want a motorcycle, and I'll match you to something that'll meet your needs without killing you. All right, Miss --"

She glared a moment longer, still irked, before relenting and holding out her hand. "Olivia," she said. "Olivia Marx."

He shook it, fringed leather glove and all. "All right, then, Olivia, I'm Jake. You must be having heat stroke in all that gear. Come back to the office where it's air conditioned and let's talk. Sound good?"

Olivia nodded and he turned to lead her deeper into the garage. She tried hard not to feel stupid as she followed. This had seemed like such a good idea when she'd gone to Biker Gear Unlimited and picked out her outfit, but one look at Jake in his worn, comfortable jeans and plain T-shirt had shaken her confidence. The salesman at BGU had sworn that she needed the leathers to protect her when she rode, but Jake worked with the things and he didn't dress like this.

In fact, the only leather he was sporting was a black belt and a pair of broken-down black boots, which was too bad. Images of hot bikers wrapped in black leather had been one of the main reasons she'd decided to learn to ride.

Despite the lack of leather, she could practically feel the rebel aura coming off him, even from behind. And what a fine behind it was too! His tight, worn jeans cupped what had to be the tightest butt she'd ever seen and tapered down over long, powerful thighs. Broad shoulders strained the seams of the white T-shirt that stretched over the tight, muscled planes of his back. A barbed-wire tattoo circled his left biceps, the muscle bulging beneath the ink. She could just picture him astride the big motorcycle he'd been working on when she'd arrived, wrap-around sunglasses hiding his vivid green eyes, his sandy brown hair blowing in the wind as he zoomed down the highway…

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