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Ruined Hearts

Author(s): Natasha Perry

Melissa Markham, daughter of an Englishman and a Chinese concubine, wants something her mother never had—respectability. Wealthy lumber baron, Ethan Trent, a man of erotic, dominating appetites, decides he wants the exotic woman for himself. Even though Melissa fights her attraction for Ethan, she also finds herself craving his domination. Can two headstrong people find a way to heal their ruined hearts, find love, and discover they both want to share the same thing—an unusual passion for each other?


Melissa's heart clenched as she stood before him. She met his eyes, wondered at his defensive words. She watched him as he leaned back against his desk once more and crossed his arms.

“Of course you don’t.” With a toss of her head, she added, “And I don’t love you. But what does it have to do with the fact you enjoy spanking me? Why I cooperate is beyond me and why I enjoy it is even stranger.”

“Sweetheart, you become wonderfully submissive, as you should. As I told you before, I’ve spanked a few women who were in agreement and eager to try a new venture in making love. However, they were lacking the submissive attitude I seek in a woman. I want a woman who will accept the fact men are meant to be in charge and women are not.”

“It’s true and perplexing that I wanted what you did to me, or I wouldn’t have cooperated.” A faint throbbing started between her legs, the very core of her crying out to be touched again. Coming to a decision, she said, “I agree that we may begin now with our arrangement—”He reached for her. “—after you’ve fed me lunch.”

He pulled his hands back and countered, “After I’ve turned you over my knee.”

She groaned when he pulled a chair out from behind the desk into the center of the room. “We can’t begin yet!” she protested.

“Why not?”

“In the middle of the day? Don’t you have work to do?”

“I do. But it can wait since this is more important.” He reached for her then and she found herself gently drawn over his knees once more to stare down at the lavish carpeting.

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ISBN (Print): 978-1-61235-007-3
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-61235-194-0
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 01/01/2011
Publisher: Melange Books

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