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Sail My Oceans

Author(s): D. F. Krieger

Captain Lucy Verr of the pirate ship, Tartarus, lands on a backwater planet to do a few deals, and ends up buying a couple of condemned men from the local jail house.  They’re gorgeous, and she can easily make a profit from them, but they have a secret, and an offer, that Lucy just can’t resist.

Devon and Julius are best friends, and have been betrayed.  When a beautiful pirate captain takes them aboard with intentions to sell them to the highest bidder, the men make her an offer—they’ll cater to her most intimate desires every night of the trip if she’ll take them home

Be Warned: menage a trois romance, menage sex.



When dinner was over, she slipped her high heels back on and stood. “Gentlemen, as per our agreement, one of you will be staying with me for a little while longer. I believe I shall be spending tonight with Devon.”

Devon stood as well, giving her a wicked smile. “As the captain wishes.”

Julius rose from the table, setting his napkin on the plate. “I suppose I’ll be finding the door then. Devon.” He gave the darker man a brief nod before catching Lucy’s hand and kissing her fingertips. “Perhaps tomorrow you’ll need my assistance in forgetting this brute.”

She laughed as Devon shoved him across the room and out the door. When he closed it with a loud thud behind Julius, Devon turned and gave her a wolfish grin. Lucy Verr grew tense, and found herself wondering if maybe she’d have been safer with Julius. She licked her lips, watching as he closed the distance between them. His approach was lazy, hands in his pant pockets, as if they had all the time in the world.

She was tempted to back up as far as she could go, but refused to let him unnerve her. Lucy schooled her features, letting her demeanor grow more and more challenging as Devon closed the gap between them. When he was a breath away, she reached out, running her hand across the front of his jeans in a blatant invitation.

Devon sucked in a breath, then grabbed her hips and dragged her against him. “You are a vixen.” His voice was almost a growl.

Lucy tilted her head back to look up at him, a smirk playing on her lips. “I’ve been called worse.”

He bent his head, his mouth hovering just above hers. She waited for the pressure of his lips, even wiggling a bit in his grasp, yet Devon stayed just out of reach. With a growl of frustration, she raised up on tiptoe, forcing their mouths to connect. His hands draped around her, a hand clamping possessively over her ass. His teeth teased her, sucking her bottom lip into his mouth with surprising gentleness before nibbling on it.

“I’m going to take you so hard you won’t be able to walk when I’m done,” he growled against her skin.

Lucy's pussy clenching at those words. “You can try,” she challenged.

He let his hands run down until he touched the skin below the hem of her dress, then ran them back up under the fabric. Strong male hands cupped her bare ass, digging fingernails in. She shuddered in pleasure.

“No panties,” Devon observed.

“Didn’t see a point.” Lucy yanked at the edge of his shirt, lifting it free of his jeans to expose sculpted abs. “Somebody likes the gym,” she said with an appreciative purr.

He captured her mouth again. Devon’s hands dropped away from her ass and he stepped away from her. Confused, she remained silent, watching him. With quick motions, he pulled his shirt off. Oh gods!!! This man is buff! Lucy was most happy to drink in the view of him.

His finger caressed her mouth for a moment. “Get on your knees.” His voice was calm, commanding. “I want to see how much of my dick you can fit in your mouth.”

Lucy Verr was on her knees before she could think. She gave herself a mental shake of surprise. What was she doing? She never yielded to a man, ever. Yet here she was, kneeling in front of this man at his single command. Lucy started to rise, but his hand went to her shoulder, stopping her.

“You look sexy down there.” Devon unbuttoned his pants, slipping his shaft through the slit of his boxers.

She watched him in fascination, feeling a thrill go through her at how hard he was. A drop of pre-cum that shined at the tip made her yearn to do exactly as he had commanded. She leaned forward, letting her tongue flick the tip, capturing the drop in a light caress.

Devon let out a shuddering breath. “Don’t stop, Lucy. I want to watch you deep throat me.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-926950-57-0
Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 06/17/2011
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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