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Sating the Lust God

Author(s): Kate Hill

Eternal life -- and eternal torture.

Forever young, forever strong, forever bound to their temple -- a cult of vampire priests, sustained by the blood of their god.

The Great Chand, God of Lust, Ruler of Fertility and Death. Punished by his fellow gods for his insatiable appetite for sex, sentenced to eternity in the Netherworld, separated from all he once cherished. Each year the priests summon the Lust God, who takes over Kabir's body. Chand's promise, eternal life in exchange for a week of freedom. For a hundred years Chand has kept his promise. A taste of his blood each year keeps the priests alive and almost godlike themselves, but at a terrible price.

For a hundred years Kabir has withstood the ritual, hosting the god's terrible lusts, suffered through ecstasy and horror such as no man should endure. There is but one way to break the curse. A mortal woman must fall in love with both Chand and Kabir. After more than a century, Kabir believes he has finally found such a woman. Tamanna fears neither man. But does she have the strength and compassion to love and accept two such opposite mates?

Praise for Sating the Lust God

"This book is hot. Once you start to read you will not put it down."

-- Stacie Burroughs, The Romance Studio

"What a great read!"
--4.5 stars from Trang, Ecataromance

"A gripping book with plenty of hot sex – what more could any reader ask for?"
-- Michelle Naumann, Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Sating the Lust God
Kate Hill
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Kate Hill
An Authorized Excerpt

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Tamanna awoke gasping. Her clit palpitated in waning orgasm and her stiff nipples ached against the harsh blanket covering her.

Pushing aside the blanket, Tamanna stood. Her thin nightshirt clung transparently to her sweat-drenched body, her nipples poking against the material. Unable to resist, Tamanna cupped her breasts and ran her thumbs over the buds. A shiver of pleasure-pain ripped through her.

"This is wrong," she murmured, yet she couldn't resist the temptation to rub herself. She lifted the hem of the nightshirt, spread her legs, and slipped a finger inside her pussy. She was very wet. Using the same finger, now coated with her feminine honey, she circled her clit, slowly at first, then faster.

"Yes," she breathed, closing her eyes and imagining the Lust God's strong brown hands on her body. "Oh, yes. Ah. Ahh."

She threw back her head, sobbing with pleasure, and came. Her legs trembled and her buttocks tightened. Thrusting her hips forward, she rubbed her finger wildly until the last ripple rolled through her.

For a moment she stood, panting, sweat trickling between her breasts and rolling down her back.

The summer heat in Cape Thorne was insufferable, and her carnal activities only made the night seem hotter.

With a sigh, she stepped out of her hut. In the light of the full moon, she gazed at the mountain in the distance. His mountain.

In two days, a woman would be chosen to share the Copulisiac Ritual with the Lust God himself. Once a year, a mortal woman was selected to satisfy the lust smoldering inside him. After experiencing the unimaginable pleasure of mating with him, she was awarded treasure enough to live out the rest of her life in the luxury of the Lust God's temple.

Tamanna wasn't after wealth. She wanted Chand himself, to feel the heat of his body and taste his divine seed on her tongue. Terrifying yet irresistibly sensual, his very essence had been summoning her since last year's ritual when, for the briefest moment, their gazes had locked. She had been kneeling at the bottom of the steps leading to the golden altar in the temple's great hall. A hundred other women were assembled, each hoping to be among those chosen to compete for the chance to mate with him.

The women had been ordered to remain on their knees, their heads bowed and gazes fixed on the floor, while Chand made his choice. She recalled seeing his bare feet, long and beautifully formed, pacing across the steps. The wide gold cuffs clamped around his ankles were a startling contrast to his brown flesh.

Unable to resist, Tamanna had lifted her face a bit, following the lines and curves of his powerfully muscled legs, lingering for a moment on his groin. His male attributes bulged beneath a tight loincloth of fine gold silk. A jeweled belt encircled his lean waist. His shoulders, arms, and the expanse of his chest were bare.

The sight of him made her nipples ache and drenched her pussy with desire. Having gained more courage, she glanced at his face. She drew a sharp breath and trembled with fear and lust. His full lips were parted, revealing sharp, white incisors. The nostrils of his aquiline nose flared slightly, like an animal sniffing out his prey -- or his mate. Most frightening of all were his eyes that fixed on hers in a stare that seemed to drain her very soul. They were large, slanted, and as gold as the bejeweled collar around his neck. No mortal could possess such eyes.

For a moment the entire world seemed to freeze. They stared at each other, Tamanna and the Lust God.

Beneath the inhuman surface of his eyes, she noticed a wild churning of emotions. For a second, he looked almost desperate. Some of her fear drained and she felt compassion tug at her heart. Why should a god appear desperate and sad? He was worshipped. Anything he wanted was his.

His chest expanded even more in a deep breath. He seemed to bend forward the slightest bit and a muscle jerked in his cheek. Tamanna's heart pounded. He was going to choose her!

Then his teeth clamped shut and he turned abruptly. Ten women were selected to remain at the temple and compete for the honor of pleasuring Chand. Tamanna had not been among them.

Sighing, she reluctantly turned away from the temple and stepped into her cottage, her mind still spinning with memories of last year's ritual.

He had rejected her once, therefore the chances of becoming his mate this year were slim. Still, she couldn't help dreaming about it. For a moment she had glimpsed into the Lust God's eyes. His power combined with underlying vulnerability called to her, obsessed her. Since seeing him, she had been unable to think about anyone else.

In two days, she, along with the other hopefuls, would travel to the Lust God's mountain. Even if she couldn't have him, she would at least see him again.

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Genre: Erotic Romance
Date Published: 12/18/2013
Publisher: Changeling Press

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