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Sebastian's Submission

Author(s): Gina Duncan

Shared Desires Book 2: Sebastian’s Submission by Gina Duncan
contemporary erotic M/M novella, BDSM (submission and bondange), suggestion of M/F/M, M/F scenes
approximately 17,000 words
Release Date: 09/05/2013
Cover Art by Winterheart Design

Sebastian had never thought about being submissive to anyone before the sexy Gavin Sanborn had proposed the idea to him one day in his Bistro. Now that the idea and opportunity was there, he was intrigued enough to learn more. Sebastian definitely wanted Gavin. The only problem was Sebastian also wanted the one woman he’d denied for most of their lives, his best friend and house mate, Carissa.

Gavin had wanted the owner and chef of his favorite Bistro for some time now, but he’d also had his attention on the chef’s lady friend. The fiery red head had captured him from the first time he set eyes on her. Gavin had been looking for the person he could love and spend the rest of his life with; he just wondered if one or both of them could be the solution and become the love he’d been looking for.

This story continues from Shared Desires Book 1: Gavin’s Search.


Sebastian Hartwell sat at a table in the back of the dining room of his Italian Bistro doing paperwork and setting up next month’s schedule. It was almost closing time. He wasn’t in the mood to deal with anymore problems tonight. He’d already been here preparing dishes since opening this morning. His other chef had called off with only a few moments notice so there was no one he could call.

Someone stepped up to his table. If this was another problem, he just might blow his top.

Sebastian didn’t even look at the person. “Can I help you?” he asked, thinking it was one of his employees.

“I certainly hope so.”

Sebastian laid down his pen at the rich, seductive voice. He had to see what the man looked like who spoke in such tones. The man had to be at least six foot two or three and somewhere between one ninety to two hundred pounds, there wasn’t an ounce of fat anywhere on his well-proportioned body.

The man’s black slacks looked like they were molded to his body. His white dress shirt was tucked into the waist of his pants and was hanging half-unbuttoned, and the sleeves were rolled up to just below his elbows.

From what Sebastian could see, the man’s skin was dark bronze and flawless, his long coal black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. His face was chiseled and so handsome it was almost breathtaking. His brown eyes, so deep and secretive, his full pink lips looked soft and very kissable. The man looked and smelled like temptation itself. He had seen the man in here before, many times, but never this close.

“Was there a problem with your meal or your service this evening?” Sebastian questioned.

“No,” the man shook his head. “Everything was to my satisfaction. It always is when I eat here.”

“Was there something else I could do for you?” Sebastian certainly hoped there was something he could do for this sexy stranger.

“Have you ever been with a Dom?” the man asked point blank, and Sebastian wondered how the stranger even knew he was gay.

“No,” Sebastian stated with a slight chuckle. “Do I strike you as a man who wants to be told what to do and when to do it?”

“I’m not sure what sort of man you strike me as being. Maybe it was just wishful thinking on my part. Still I have to ask. Would you ever consider giving it a try?”

“Are you seriously asking me to be your submissive?” Sebastian asked, his voice sounding almost comical and a little uncertain, nothing like he wanted it to sound.

“If I am?” the man questioned arching one black brow.

“What makes you think I’m into men? I happen to be living with a very beautiful woman.”

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with liking or wanting both. Are you in love with this beautiful woman that you’re living with?”

“I love her,” Sebastian said with a nod of his head.

“Would you consider meeting with me and perhaps having a talk over drinks or dinner to get to know one another?” the stranger asked.

“Why don’t you leave me your number and I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

Sebastian watched as the man reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card and pen. He scribbled something on the back of it and then held it out to him. “My name is Gavin and that’s my personal cell number on the back of that card, call me anytime.”

“I’m Sebastian,” he said as he reached out to take the card. His fingers brushed the other man’s slightly. A spark of electricity went up his arm and through his body. Sebastian’s cock immediately surged to attention, pulsating against the zipper of his white chef’s pants.

“Don’t make me wait too long, Sebastian.” Gavin’s demand was soft.


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Genre: Erotic
Date Published: 09/05/2013
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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