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Secret Lives of Seacrest Wives

Author(s): Kerri Nelson

Secret Lives of Sea Crest Wives by Kerri Nelson
contemporary erotica with romantic elements (three distinct romances, two M/F and one F/F)
novella (approximately 25,000 words)
Cover Art by Valerie Tibbs

When Ginger Lockhart discovers her husband’s secret affair she snaps in a major way but little does she know that her new found freedom will lead her to the real love of her life.

Meanwhile, her best friend, Teagan Ryan has been harboring secrets of her own since college but when she meets Ginger’s sexy new neighbor, will the truth finally surface?

Dr. Marley Foster is a sex therapist but even her own husband doesn’t know the dark secret that she’s been keeping under wraps. And when he catches her in a compromising position, their lives will never be the same.

Meet three women who will turn the town of Sea Crest, Florida, into the hottest place on earth.


The day after Thanksgiving is commonly known as Black Friday, but Ginger Lockhart would forevermore refer to it as the day she went to jail for driving her mini-van through the food court at the mall.

Currently, she found herself sitting in a stinky jail cell with a hooker named Mona. Waiting on her attorney to arrive, Ginger kept checking for her watch--until she remembered the cops confiscated it when booking her.

The fact she could now say she’d been through a booking process including an official mug shot was enough to make her want to crawl under the one bench in the cell. Of course, there appeared to be some unidentifiable substance oozing from underneath so she decided to stay clear of the bench altogether.

She studied her new roommate, Mona, who leaned against the far wall clicking her heel in time to music apparently only she could hear.

She’d had bad days before but nothing could top this one. Today, she’d found out her husband, Kyle Lockhart, was not only divorcing her but he’d already found a new girlfriend he’d been sneaking around with for months. He’d also quit his lucrative job as a marketing manager with a local realty office and had decided to return to college as a full time art student.

If that wasn’t enough, he’d stolen her three-carat diamond wedding ring from her jewelry box and pawned it off to put a down payment on a new beachfront condo for him and his arm candy, appropriately named Sugar.

As Ginger tried not to stare at her current cell mate, she couldn’t help but think that Sugar was a great whore’s name.

Remembering her family’s annual morning after Thanksgiving pancake and pumpkin bread breakfast, she clenched her fists as she heard Kyle’s voice echo in her head.

“I quit my job.”

Ginger had nearly choked on her syrup drenched bite.

“I’m going back to school to pursue my love of art.” He’d continued on, only pausing to take a leisurely sip of coffee.

“But…how will we make ends meet?” Ginger was a stay at home mom and he hadn’t even discussed this major decision with her.

“I got a sweet deal on a great little beachfront loft. And then Sugar inherited a huge estate from her grandfather. So, we’ll be fine.”

“Who the hell is Sugar?”

“Oh yeah, she’s my girlfriend. I’m moving out this afternoon.”

Then the bastard had actually smiled at her. It was then Ginger decided to leave the kids with their grandparents and go shopping. In retrospect, it seemed like an odd thing to do. Surely, a normal person would have spent the morning attempting to console her children. Or even curled up in bed, feeling sorry for their sudden state of affairs. But instead Ginger had gone shopping on the busiest shopping day of the year.

She’d entered the world of retail madness on the first official day of the Christmas season. Shopping for the early morning deals at various stores around town quickly turned her day darker by the minute.

She should have known she was reaching her breaking point when she fought with an old lady over who would get the last remaining flameless candle that was on sale at the gift card store.

She should have known she was ready to snap when she threw her soda on the boy behind the counter at the food court because he dared give her diet soda when she asked for regular.

Was he calling me fat?

Her brain had raged at every miniscule perceived injustice of the day.

She should have known she was going to do something she’d regret when she sat in the mall parking lot and revved her engine while staring wild-eyed at the mall entrance.

Unfortunately, her mind was not in a good place when she pushed down on the accelerator until it touched the floorboard and then promptly drove her van through the front door of the mall and crashed into the winter wonderland display just outside the food court.

The good news was that no one was hurt. The bad news was her van was totaled and she was now sitting in a jail cell with Mona.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-0-9834199-3-8
Genre: Erotic
Date Published:
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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