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Secret of the Blue Moon

Book Title: Blue Moon Magic

Author(s): Billie Warren Chai

Fifteen years ago, young lovers were torn apart by their cultures.
Can the magic of the Blue Moon restore love to Dr. Zoey Blackstone and Major Jake Runningbear?

“Mother, what did you do Zoey Blackstone?” he asked directly. “And don’t lie and tell me nothing.” There was a long silence.
“Who?” She was playing games and he knew it.
“The nanny for Morgan and Noah,” Jake said. He could tell from her tone his mother knew exactly who he was talking about.
“The isdzán? She failed to care for Nightwind and White Dove as she should. It was so long ago and I am certain she overreacted to something I may have said.” He heard the evasion and tremor in her voice. “Besides she wasn’t good enough for you.”
“So the answer is yes, you did something to run her out of town, but you aren’t going to tell me,” Jake said. “I guess I will have to ask her.” He closed the phone. It rang within minutes. It was his mother, but he refused to answer it. Pushing back the chair, he stood up. The cup remained on the table, a symbol of what may have been. He grabbed the cup and squeezed, crushing it.
Zoey walked into the lounge to see hot coffee pouring over his hand. She pulled Jake to the sink, turned on the cold water and stuck his bright red hand underneath.
“You’ll be lucky if you don’t get a second degree burn out of this.” As she held his hand, a memory of holding her tiny hand in his huge hand struck him. She couldn’t have stopped him if he pulled his hand away.
“It’s nothing.” The pain of a little burn paled in comparison to the pain in his soul. His world canted. For twelve years he blamed Zoey for rejecting him and scarring his soul. Only to learn she wasn’t the one to blame. If his mother was involved, she was the guilty one.
She turned off the water and pulled out a paper towel and blotted his hand dry. “I think you are going to have a bad first degree burn. Come on back to the ER and I’ll put some cream on it.” Zoey turned and tried to pull him toward the door, but his feet were rooted to that spot. Jake needed her.
She gave him a quizzical look.
He reached out, pulled the surgery cap off her head and freed her hair. His fingers entwined with the dark silky strands. He watched her lips part. He snaked one arm out and pulled her close, then he covered her lips with his and pressed her body to his body. For the first time in many years, Jake felt more than emptiness inside. There was a spark of joy and a sense of being home.
“I missed you so much, Zoey. The more I damned you, the more I damned myself,” he said between kisses. She finally parted her lips and he freely plundered her mouth, sparring with her tongue, tasting the sweetness of her.
“Jake,” she said breaking the kiss and pushing herself away. Her palms pressed against her chest. He reluctantly let her go and stepped back. “This solves nothing.”
The lights blinked, came on, blinked again. The room was plunged into darkness. She stiffened and he heard a loud gasp escape her lips. Jake grabbed her and held her close. She wrapped her arms around his neck as if trying to get closer. “I’ve got you, honey. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

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ISBN (Print): 0-9746249-4-2
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Genre: Contemporary
Date Published: 05/01/2006

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