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Seeing Is Believing

Author(s): Megan Rose

Seeing is Believing by Megan Rose
lesbian contemporary erotica short story
cover art by Pink Petal Books

May can't refuse a discreet invitation to the opening of a new lesbian club. Though blindfolded the entire night, what she sees about herself, and her life, makes the trip well worth the secrecy and the pleasure.


May felt her breath catch as she spotted Lynne standing by a sleek black car; the passenger door open, ready and waiting for her. Here was an exceptionally beautiful woman, waiting to escort her to a wondrous evening. It was an experience she had never imagined, and now that she had made up her mind, she was going to make sure she enjoyed everything that this night had to offer. As May drew near to the woman, she could detect Lynne’s eyes carefully assessing her ward for the evening.

“There is a blindfold on the seat, Ms. Paxman. Please ensure that it is in place before the car leaves,” Lynne instructed.

May felt a shiver run down her spine as her eyes made contact with Lynne’s. However, it was no longer a shiver of apprehension, she noted. It was a shiver of raw, sexual desire. Not desire for Lynne, despite her beauty, but desire for the unknown events that lay ahead of her. May’s hazel eyes met the deep brown of her driver’s and she smiled. “It will be my pleasure, Lynne,” she assured her driver, as she climbed into the back of the car.

The soft upholstery of the car felt almost exotic against May’s legs, when she compared it to the cool evening outside. A sweet and heady perfume filled her nostrils and she found herself inhaling deeply. Remembering Lynne’s instructions, she felt along the seat and smiled as her fingers came into contact with the blindfold.

In the dimly light car, May ascertained that it was of a deep red color and made from plush velvet material on the outside, yet soft and silken on the inside. Gently caressing it in her hands, she noticed the ribbons that tied it and felt the first stirrings of her sexuality.

It was a blindfold made to be enjoyed by its wearer. It was a blindfold made to enhance an experience. Already she could sense the attention to detail in this evening’s plans. Sweet Sensations seemed to pride themselves on everything associated with their club, from the exquisite perfection of her driver, to the sensual feel of the blindfold in her hands.

Placing it firmly over her eyes and tying the ribbons behind her head, she relaxed into her seat as Lynne took her position behind the wheel. Within moments, May felt the movement of the car, and a rush of adrenalin began to pool in the pit of her stomach. Her lips twitched when she thought of what Nicole would say about her embarking upon such a journey. She would have been very pleased indeed.

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Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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