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Shore Leave

Author(s): Rod Casteel

What happens when you have the hots for your stepsister?

Chad has had feelings for his stepsister, Stacy for a long time. While exiting his ship for shore leave Chad receives a letter from Stacy telling him her feelings for him, now that she is divorced.

Stacy taking the biggest chance in her life, letting Chad know how much she desires him now that she is free to explore her feelings.

Now that she is free will Chad and Stacy be able to be able to do more than just trade those hot searing looks, or will they just be two ships passing in the dark?



Chad if you are still reading this, I trust you have more than stepsister feelings for me, or did at one time. Think about it and us.


Awaiting your reply.

Stacy Lynn


Stacy and Chad had been thrown together into a family when they were teens. Athletic and a cheerleader for the varsity football team, she was the desire of every boy in school. Their parents had made it clear that it was his duty to protect his new stepsister.

The only form of protection he wanted to provide was a condom.

Stacy had been the cause of more wet dreams than were probably safe for one person to have. When their parents were gone, she would leave her door ajar and walk around naked, or close to it.

Not one to complain, he never told their parents. Being a typical teenage boy, he also never missed an opportunity to look, admire, and above all else, dream.

Every other girl came in second place. She made his senior year a living hell.

He closed his fingers around the letter and a tired smile touched his face. This could prove to be an interesting shore leave. He leaned his seat back and closed his eyes.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60435-631-1
Genre: Fiction
Date Published: 01/13/2011
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing

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