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Snowbound Ink

Snowbound Series: Book 11

Author(s): Veronica Tower

When Kara, Liz and Thea dare each other to get sexy tattoos to show their boyfriends, they have no idea what affect a little ink will have. All of a sudden their relationships seem less permanent than their new tattoos!  Ron may be moving to Washington without Kara, Travis is keeping secrets from Liz, and Nick & Thea have their first serious fight.

Can there romances be saved or will all three women come to regret their Snowbound Ink?

“So what about you?” Tony said to Liz. “Any idea what tattoo you’d like to get?”

“That depends,” Liz said. “Are you going to do the work yourself or farm me off to one of your apprentices?”

This time Tony smiled for real. It wasn’t a professional look, but neither was it sleazy or inappropriate. It showed a genuine sense of humor that clearly understood Liz’s quirky personality. “I assure you,” he said, “that all of my artists are fully capable, but if it would make you more comfortable, I’d be happy to create your tattoo myself.”

“If I’m going to get work done on my bod, I’d like to have an experienced hand at the helm,” Liz told him. “Especially if the work is done down there.”
She glanced down at her own groin and Tony’s eyes moved with her, studying her for a couple of moments.

So you’d like to get your tattoo on your mons veneris too?” he asked.

Liz shrugged with her mouth, a strange sort of gesture where the left half of her face twisted up but the right half stayed pretty much the same. It made her look uncertain as to what she should ultimately try.

“I wasn’t planning to when I agreed to come tonight,” she explained, “but Thea’s idea has got me thinking. It would be much better down there then on the side of my cleavage like I was originally thinking.”

“You were going to get a tattoo on your cleavage?” Kara asked. “Where Mama could see it? Are you trying to make her have a stroke or to get her thrown in prison for attempted murder?”

Liz only laughed. “That’s why I’m thinking it would be better down below,” she told Kara.

She returned her attention to Tony. “The problem is that I wasn’t expecting to do that, so while I’ve showered, I’m not shaved. It’s a little embarrassing.”

Kara completely agreed with her sister on this point. She had trimmed herself in expectation of tonight, because it was obvious that whoever pierced her labia was going to have to see her pussy. Even though they wouldn’t be doing anything like Liz and Thea were talking about, it just wouldn’t look good to have stubble or too thick and tangled a bush.

“Shaving you won’t be a problem,” Tony assured Liz. “What image are you considering?”

Liz smiled again. Impossible as it seemed to Kara, Liz appeared to be enjoying herself. But then she always had liked being the center of attention. “Could you do me a honey bee?” Liz asked.

“A honey bee?” Kara repeated. “Why on earth would you want a honey bee? Do you even eat honey?”

“I’m pretty sure I have a honey bee stencil somewhere,” Tony said. “If not, I’d be happy to create one for you.”

Liz looked very pleased with herself. “Let’s take a look.”

Before doing that, Tony shifted his attention to Kara. “And do you want a tattoo too, or do you only want the piercing?”

Kara didn’t enjoy the sudden shift in attention. “I…”

“Oh why don’t you get a tattoo too, Kara?” Liz asked her. “Live a little!”

 Kara really didn’t appreciate being put on the spot like this. Her mouth went dry and she began to fidget, nervously shifting her weight back and forth on her feet. “I don’t know,” she said. “What would Mama say?”

Liz laughed. “You know exactly what she’d say.” Liz looked toward the ceiling and lifted her hands beseechingly. “What Lord?” she asked in a passingly good imitation of their mother’s voice. “What have I done to make you punish me this way?”

Liz met Kara’s eyes again. “Of course she’s only going to do that if she sees the tattoo. If you get it down beside your bush like Thea and I are going to do, she’ll never know you have it.”

“At least not until you let it slip the next time the family gets together,” Kara told her.

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Date Published: 05/17/2012
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