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Strange Brew

Author(s): David W. Landrum

When a witch is in love with you, the magic can get serious.

Andrew Cabot’s successful career as a rock star is disrupted in an expected way when he encounters Lybecca, the most powerful witch in England, who declares she is in love with him. A captive to her affection, he travels time and space with her in search of a cure for the damage she has done to her mind. Magic and danger lie at every turn—and love as well, even in the strange brew of their relationship.

Sometimes drugs will make you see a woman as hideous, sometimes as beautiful, and sometimes as a saint. I thought Lybecca a saint that night. As I did, I noticed she wore a white dress that fell to her feet. Her hair was tightly bound up, braided around her head. She wore a gold torc. I gaped to see her, so bright and beautiful on a dark, wet street in London. Then all at once we were not in London and not on a street. We were in front of round hut made of sticks and with a thatched roof in a forest. She took my hand.

“We will make love now. Come inside.”

She led me into the hut. I had to bend low to get in the door. The inside was snug, clean, and warm. A fire glowed dimly in one corner. Jewels of brilliant color hung from the ceiling, catching the faint light. The hallucinogenic nature of the LSD I’d popped made them glow, shine, send out slow sparks and columns of red, green, and yellow.

Lybecca smiled. “We have come to my time—the time of my entry into the craft and the time of my ascension to power. You are my love. In my earliest days I dreamed I would have a fine, strong man with the flux and liquor of spring in his veins. I dreamed of it in my youth and now you have returned as the dreams come true.”

The more she spoke, the more beautiful she looked and the more my desire for her blazed. She unclasped the gold brooch holding her garment together and let it fall to the stone floor of her dwelling.

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ISBN (Print): 9781615729005
ISBN (Electronic): 9781615728992
Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 03/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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