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Summer Reaping on the Fields of Nowhere

Author(s): Matt Spencer

Tom Blye’s not sure how he found the rotting backwater town of Summerset, or how to leave. He’s also concerned about the attention he’s getting from the local pastor who runs things around here…not to mention the pastor’s personal gang of thugs and his fiery, sexy, shifty-eyed assistant. It has something to do with the stolen medallion hanging from Tom’s neck, and the things watching and waiting in the fields and forests by night.

When the church bells ring, the town of Summerset will scream.


Tom walked down Main Street at gray dusk. A fiery storm swam in the clouds. All around him was sickly green, covered in twisted, spiny vines. The same townsfolk walked about, but their eyes and movements were different. Some people’s skin had gone slick with odd discoloration. The others tried to avoid the afflicted ones, but the latter smelled the fear so they stalked and circled like buzzards. The assailed tried to scurry away, but the stalkers stayed on them ’til they settled and trudged on compliantly.

Church bells rang, and Tom followed the sound ’til he saw the steeple, taller than he remembered. The white slats were torn away so it looked like a skeletal rectangle capped in a rotting spire with its crooked cross. The pastor hung by his neck from a rope tied to one of the bells. He bobbed and swayed, so the chimes kept sounding. Gangly imps with skin like burnt meat climbed around on the roof. Their long, gnarled, clawed hands swiped out at the pastor’s feet and legs, scraping off bits of meat, so the body kept swinging, and they licked it from their nails like sugar.

The pastor’s puss-swollen eyes opened and looked down at Tom. “Come inside, Mister Blye.”

His throat swelled and flexed against the rope, scraping itself rawer to push out a dead, dry rasp. “See how the things from the devil’s nighttime forest have profaned the sacred space for you. See the celebration they’ve thrown in your honor.”

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290980
ISBN (Electronic): 9781629290973
Genre: Horror
Date Published: 12/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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