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Take me to the Altar!

Author(s): Milena Gomez

Read Jennifer and Bruno’s story, about their chaos and why they’re still together.
Meet Jennifer, she only wants to do as she pleases with Bruno and his money while she plans her dream wedding. She knows that as long as they don’t fall in love, she’ll be happy. But, would she?
Bruno is afraid of commitment, marriage and Jennifer. But he'll eventually have to take her to the altar! Would love be an obstacle this time?



Bruno laid face down on the floor while Jennifer pinned him down with her black stiletto heel and her friends held him against his will.
“Take that damn heel off my back Jennifer!” Bruno yelled.
“Not before you tell me why you’re here? You know that you’re not supposed to see my dress before the wedding or it’ll be bad luck.” She pressed her heel deeper in his back. “You’re trying to sabotage everything aren’t you? Well, I’m not letting you. Take his tie and cover his eyes.”
Her friends did as they were told.
“Stay out of this, Bruno. You’re not ruining this last wedding!” She removed her shoe from his back. “Throw him outside.”


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