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Author(s): Dee Dawning

Friday night at Mojo’s, while waiting for her movie-star-good-looks boyfriend, Eddy, to meet her, Mandy confides to her friend, Chelsea, that he never came home the night before. Chelsea, a fixture behind the bar at Mojo’s Bar & Grill in L.A., is in a quandary. She knows something her favorite customer, Amanda Carter, doesn’t–but wishes she did–Eddy has been stepping out on her. Hell, he’s even asked Chelsea out! But when he brings his latest fling into Mojo’s, right in front of Chelsea, flaunting his infidelity to her friend, Chelsea decides enough is enough. It’s time to tell Mandy the truth.

Seizing the moment, Chelsea reveals what Mandy’s philandering boyfriend has been up to. Mandy’s reaction is predictable—she’s crushed. However, her response is surprising, setting the stage for Chelsea to show Mandy the real depth of her friendship.

"You're so sexy, you make me..." Not completing my thought, I was amazed when Chelsea completed it for me

"Want to kiss you, feel you and make love to you." Turning she brought her delightful breasts right up to my face, but I only blubbered my misfortune.

"Yes, but I'm stuck living with a two-timer I don't love anymore." Sobbing, I hugged Chelsea, and then buried my head in her breasts.

Holding me tight, Chelsea whispered. "Let it out, Mandy. It's not that bad."

Crying on her delicious tits, I instinctively took a nipple into my mouth, sucking gently on what she offered and feeling her stiffen as I calmed.

Running her fingers through my hair, she reassured me, "Now you're getting it, sweetheart, things aren't that bad, are they." Tilting my head up, she let her lips find mine.

For the first time, my tongue danced with a woman's. Lithe and quick, Chelsea's tongue flirted with mine, a difference I found intriguing over the crushing, taking entrance of a man's tongue. Like warm and supple wet satin, her tongue explored my mouth and licked at my lips.

Gently pulling away from her lips, I laved my cute bartender's ear. Full and wet, my tongue penetrated the entrance to her ear canal until her lusty moans spilled over me. Fondling Chelsea's breasts, my fingers swirled and squeezed her nipples like I wanted from her.

"Nothing to cry about, you can get what you need with or without a man."

Squeezing my breasts through the red nightgown, Chelsea returned my affection, making me gasp out loud. Never touched there before by a girl, I felt the humidity level rise in my panties. Smoothly, like no boy ever had, Chelsea's fingers slipped under the red nightgown and touched my nipple causing me to flinch as shock waves shot through my body. Working quickly and expertly, she had the nightgown off in seconds. Her tongue had again slipped past my lips and swept across my teeth, probing for access to my tongue. Unsure of myself, but not uncomfortable, I opened my mouth to receive Chelsea's offering.

She interrupted our kiss. "Have you ever made love to a woman?" Her words seemed urgent, as if she needed to know.

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Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 11/21/2009
Publisher: New Dawning Bookfair

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