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Texas Twin Fiddles & a Steel Guitar

Author(s): Dallas Coleman

 Everyone knows that any Texas band worth its salt needs twin fiddles. Everyone, Ben figures, except maybe lead singer Daniel, who just doesn't value him enough to keep him around. After they tie it up one too many times, Ben hits the road, needing to get away from it all, needing to know he's still got it. When he meets Jeremy, a fiddle player in a band just starting out, Ben figures he's found himself a good night's worth of fiddle playing and fun. He's right. The music flows, the bar fight gets their blood up, and Ben decides by the end of the night that maybe life isn't so bad after all. Will Ben go back to life on the road and the man he's always loved just enough to stay.


 Garth came on the radio as he crested another hill, singing about being too damned young to feel this way and Ben found himself nodding along, eyes on the Winnebago in front of him. That was no lie.

He'd left Gruene behind a bit ago and was looking on the lights of Austin like a tired deer staring at a set of high beams. Lord, lord. He'd known better than to call Daniel out in front of the band, he had, but that little whore the man'd brought in to sing back-up plumb
made Ben mad as a wet hen. Stupid gal wouldn't know a minor chord if it bit her in the ass and screwing the lead singer didn't mean you could sing.

Damn it.

Now he was left with a throbbing jaw, knuckles red and sore like they'd been boiled and just enough greenbacks to get his Ford to Salado and God knew there wasn't shit in Salado. Hell, the way gas prices were going, he might get stuck in Jarrell. The town was better since the tornado took a good chunk of the old off of it, but it was still just thirty miles and twelve goats short of being a level of Hell.

Well, he had a twenty, and maybe another hundred in the bank No reason to sweat it. Besides, he had Daniel's Les Paul just sitting back there where Terry'd thrown it as he peeled out. Terry'd always been a good sort, always looked out for him some. That guitar'd get him some and keep his daddy's fiddle out of hock.

Man, Daniel’d swallow his fucking teeth when he went looking to play.


He grinned, feeling his lips pull across his teeth as he saw the capitol building all lit up and shining orange like a pointer toward the gates of Heaven.

Sometimes the good Lord let you know when it was time to move on, yes sir.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-60370-251-5
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 02/07/2014
Publisher: Torquere Press

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