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Thanks a Million

Author(s): Dee Dawning

As far as billionaire Stuart Wynne is concerned, Fallon, is the girl who got away. While Stuart is preoccupied with another woman, Fallon is swept off her feet by a lowly pit boss. After a whirlwind courtship with the devilishly handsome, Dana Allen, Fallon marries him before Stuart even realizes anythings amiss.

Done deal, right? Maybe, but never count Stuart out. As a master card player, he has yet to play all his cards. Starting at the annual hotel Christmas party, Stewarts plan unfolds. Using money, sexual fantasies and maternal instinct as his tools to drive a wedge between the unsuspecting couple.

Will it succeed? Stuart bets millions it will.

Excerpt :

Stuart Wynne, CEO of Wynne enterprises, raised his commanding baritone voice. All right Fallon, you made your point. Are you ready to come back to me?

Shed accompanied Michelle to the study part of Stuarts opulent thirtieth floor penthouse. Where Michelle had gone, she had no idea. She studied Stuart, tall with deep blue eyes, and short dark hair with a touch of gray. Shed gone with him for two years when she was principal show girl, and really loved himor his money, she couldnt be sure. Regrettably, at the time, he belonged to someone else. Now, though she was tempted, she couldntshe had married Dana. Hed warned her that Dana was a loser, but shed been in heat. He was so gorgeous, like a movie star. I cant. You know Im married.

Stuart rolled his eyes and sneered. Humph! To a dealer, whats he make? A hundred grand?

At Stuarts sarcastic inquiry, her vision wandered past Stuart to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip. Eighty, she replied casually.

As she took a seat, he repeated her answer, Eighty? and laughed derisively. I make a thousand times that. See, hes not even a good dealer. Is he any good in bed?

Her gaze shifted back to Stuart. Hed gone too far and her nostrils flared in annoyance. Yes, the best sex Ive ever had.

He raised a single skeptical eyebrow and cupped his chin with his left hand. Really, at least hes good at something. Maybe, I underestimated him. How am I? Stuart asked boldly.

She wanted to hurt him. She wanted to say the worst, but she couldnt do it. The second best.

Out of how many? he asked with a mischievous tone in his voice.
She uncrossed her legs and sat up, knees and legs together. With her eyes narrowed and chin stuck out, she admonished him. A gentleman would never ask that of a lady.

The expectant look of his face changed to a frown. Sorry.

Apology accepted.

Stuarts blue eyes narrowed. The corners of his lips curled up. Then, my dear, if your husband is the best lover youve ever had and Im the second best, you havent lived until youve had us bothsimultaneously.

Initially, she was shocked by his audacity. Then, as the idea sunk in, a tiny ember of yearning ignited in her core. Wouldnt that be an interesting scenario? Well, she said in a huff, that certainly isnt going to happen.

A grin of confidence formed on his face. Dont be so sure, sweetheart. Tell me, if your husband agreed, would you go for it?

The ember grew and burst into a flame. She crossed her legs and pulled her skirt, which had risen, down. If he insisted, I would go along.

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 9781452433172
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 09/23/2010
Publisher: New Dawning Bookfair

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