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The Ageless

Author(s): Jaime Samms

The Ageless by Jaime Samms
print anthology containing Grounded, Spinning, and Finding Home.
full-length novel (345 pages!)
Cover Art: Winterheart Design

This ebook contains the following previously released ebooks: Spinning, Grounded, and Finding Home. Get the complete saga in one place! Save over the price of all three ebooks purchased separately!

In a world disintegrating under the weight of too many people, the Ageless men and women are finding their lifespan stretching well beyond normal, and discovering they have abilities never before documented. When children are few and far between, and people find they can shift to animal form with a thought, the rift between those doomed to age and die and those who seem ageless is growing.

Morgan has taken advantage of this rift to seize control of the central nervous system of the world's social structure and make his bid for world domination. It's up to Mikko and Ken and their small band of friends to stop the takeover even as they struggle on a much more personal level to find love and balance with one another.

Dawn found them still in the chair, Ken slumbering on Mikko's shoulder, his breath even and deep at last. Mikko rested his cheek against the top of Ken's head and watched the street outside slowly brighten and the cliff transform to gilt-edged, craggy glory. This morning the sea was calm, the wind gone, and Mikko imagined they would be okay. He was glad Ken slept and couldn't see the way he sweat, the shaking of his hands, or his utter exhaustion. The genetic predisposition that made him Ageless also gave him an extraordinary sensitivity to the vibrations of other people's moods, and so much deep emotion as Ken battled had a very real physical effect on Mikko. Now, much as he wanted to stay and hold Ken, keep him within reach and sight, he just couldn't keep awake. As the day began outside their sanctuary, he finally fell into real, resting sleep.

Mikko woke with the essence of Ken infusing his senses and after a minute, realized he was in their bed with no memory of how he got there. Peace suffused the air, and he sat, scrubbing a hand through the sticky, flattened spikes of his hair. Ken was not in the room. His heart fluttered and almost stalled, until he detected the scent of coffee under the overwhelming musk of his lover. Relief flopped him onto his back, and he laughed.

"Okay. Get up, fool." A grin eased the sleep from him and he rolled off the bed and headed toward the shower. He didn't spend long. Just enough time to wash out the gel and rinse the sticky, lingering residue of worry from his skin. The transformation back to human was quick and reassuring. He pulled on a loose pair of ratty jeans and a clean white t-shirt before heading toward the enticing aroma of coffee and contentment.

In their half-renovated kitchen, Ken had bacon sizzling, orange juice and bread sitting on the counter, and was bent to look in the fridge.

His tight white tank hiked up to reveal the bumps of his spine and the denim shorts rode just low enough to reveal a peek of the tattoo across the tops of his ass cheeks. The white strings of the cut offs dangled down the backs of his thighs, and Mikko's mouth watered.

"Morning." The greeting came out husky and gruff, and the air vibrated with Ken's instant attention.

He straightened, turned, and the view of those short shorts from the front did nothing to lesson's Mikko's attraction. He was suddenly glad of the loose fit of his jeans, the extra room they provided.

Ken's nostrils flared, and through the tight shirt, the peeks of hardened nipples showed. "Hey." One arm came across his front, fingers gripping the opposite elbow, wrinkling up his shirt and obscuring Mikko's view. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah." Mikko strode to him, pried his fingers loose and gently lowered Ken's hand back to his side. "Hiding something?"

"No." Ken straightened his shoulders and puffed out his chest a bit. Teeth worried at his lower lip, and it was more than Mikko could stand. He moved into Ken's space and lowered his lips to track kisses along the exposed section collarbone.

Beneath his touch, Ken softened, moaned, leaned in, and Mikko spread a hand over his back, slid it up over the thin shirt and let his fingers play in the thick brown strands at the back of Ken's neck.

"Breakfast—" Ken gasped as Mikko's other hand found an erect nipple.

"Not going anywhere." Mikko moved his kisses up the side of Ken's neck, careful to avoid his throat, and any potential of triggering bad memories, and continued along Ken's jaw until he found lips. There was no hesitation in Ken's surrender. He opened his lips willingly and groaned, sweet and needy, into Mikko's mouth. Mikko gripped his hair a little tighter, slid his other hand around and into the back of Ken's shorts, and his tongue into his mouth, drawing his body close and tight so their erections came under pressure and friction, sliding against rough denim and each other.

Ken's throat worked, emitting tiny, mewling sounds, and Mikko backed out of their kiss, unwilling to miss a single word Ken might want to say.

"Bacon's burning."

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-938257-14-8
Genre: GLBT
Date Published: 06/21/2012
Publisher: Jupiter Gardens

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