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The Beckoning

Author(s): Paul Collins

When evil intent is just the beginning...

Matt Brannigan is a lawyer living on the edge. His daughter, Briony is psychic and trouble shadows his family wherever they go.

Cult guru Brother Desmond knows that the power within Briony is the remaining key he needs to enter the next dimension. Once he controls this, he will have access to all that is presently denied him.

When Briony is indoctrinated into the Zarathustrans, Matt and psychic Clarissa Pike enter the cult’s headquarters under the cover of night to rescue her.

So begins Armageddon…


Santana’s Singing Winds, Crying Beasts, issued from the stereo system. It died when Matt cut the motor.

“That…” said Clarissa, “was a bad omen.”

“What?” Matt’s asked, confused.

“You obviously don’t know the song,” Clarissa muttered, opening the door. “Never mind. Let’s get this over with.”

“Not so fast,” Matt said more harshly than he intended. He hurried after her, the gravel crunched underfoot snapped like cracking ice.

He and Clarissa already went through this a dozen times. Clarissa thought she could convert Briony once she got her away from Desmond’s influences. Matt wasn’t so sure anymore.

Clarissa stopped and turned. “Trust me. Like I learnt a lot from those kids up there this afternoon.”

“The guards,” Matt said, worried.

“They’re probably slipping it into some new recruits as we speak.”

Matt scanned the barbed wire fence. “Well, what about security cameras?”

I doubt they’re infrared,” Clarissa said. “Come on, Matt, or you’ll miss the bus.”

Matt pulled up a section of wire and morbidly watched Clarissa climb into the grounds. She reciprocated and the pair crossed the lower land at a trot. It didn’t bank up until a good two hundred meters into the enclosure. Then long field grass slowed their progress. It hid unseen traps like rabbit holes and rocks.

Pa-fittt! The report of a rifle sounded loud inClarissa’s ears. She jerked sideways and dived for cover.

Matt swung around. He saw Clarissa sprawled on the ground.

“What’s up?” He sounded more angry than inquisitive. “You twist your ankle?”

Clarissa flipped over on to her back before answering. Something shining phosphorescently stalked out of the shadows. Someone, Clarissa’s tortured brain yelled. The being just took a shot at her with a flintlock pistol.

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ISBN (Print): 9781629290348
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Genre: Paranormal
Date Published: 09/01/2013
Publisher: Damnation Books LLC

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