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The Cove

Author(s): D.T. Peterson

Young and idealistic, Jon and Dave meet by chance, their friendship growing stronger and leading them to a place neither has been before. Though theirs is a love forbidden, which few understand, they journey across the country together and settle in San Francisco, where they are finally free to be together as they were meant to be. When life takes an unexpected turn, however, the two young lovers are torn apart by a secret which, if unveiled, threatens to bring great shame to the family of one determined to keep them on the straight and narrow.
We were lying in bed, deep beneath the blankets, cuddling and watching the secondhand TV with the bent rabbit ears we had rescued from the trash.
“Come here.”
He kissed me deeply and passionately as we held each other tightly.
We were a part of each other. Somewhere along the way we had become one.
“Have you ever felt this way before?” I asked.
“No. I’ve been in love before, but never like this.”
“Me either,” I said.
“Not even with Karen?” he asked.
“No, never like this. This is different.”
He lay there next to me, staring into my eyes. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. They were the happiest days of my life, being so young and alive and free, and helplessly in love with Jon.
“I hear there are a lot of weirdoes in San Francisco. That’s where your apartment was, right?”
“Right off of Haight, near Ashbury. That’s where all the hippies used to hang out,” he chuckled.
“Aren’t there a lot of, you know, queers there too?”
Jon became uneasy, “I suppose.”
“Jon, just what are you two doing?”
“What do you mean, Mrs. Sharp?” The uneasiness was turning to dread.
“C’mon Jon, I saw you two in the van.”
“We were just playing around.”
“Kissing each other? Is that what you call playing around?” she continued. “Is that what you did all summer?” she said beginning to cry, “You were…like that? Is that what you want, everyone calling you a queer, a faggot?”
“It’s not like that, Mrs. Sharp…we love each other.”
“You can’t love each other like that, Jon. It’s sick. You’ll both burn in hell. You know his father will disown him. It will kill him to think he has a son like that. It will destroy both of you, and it will ruin your lives forever.” She continued, “If you really love him Jon, you won’t do this. You can still be friends, just not like that.”
“But I don’t have anyone left. I don’t have anywhere to go.”

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ISBN (Print):
ISBN (Electronic): 978-1-6184-5265-8
Genre: GLBT
Date Published:
Publisher: Beau to Beau Books

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